Trump Blasts Biden Over Excessive Vacations

By Victor Winston, updated on January 1, 2024

In a recent interview at Mar-a-Lago, former President Donald Trump launched a scathing critique of President Joe Biden's vacation habits.

Trump lambasted Biden for frequent vacations, contrasting them with his own working holidays during his presidency.

Speaking with Breitbart News at his Palm Beach estate, Trump expressed his displeasure over Biden's approach to vacations. He suggested that Biden's frequent breaks have impacted his policy-making decisions. Trump insinuated that the country would have fared better had Biden focused less on reversing his policies and more on relaxation.

Trump's View on Presidential Work Ethics

Donald Trump emphasized his own work ethic while vacationing during his tenure. He referred to Mar-a-Lago as the "Southern White House," a hub for constant meetings and discussions with influential figures. Trump prided himself on blending work with leisure, ensuring constant engagement with world leaders and lawmakers even during his breaks.

He specifically highlighted hosting international leaders like Shinzo Abe and Xi Jinping at his Florida resort. According to Trump, these meetings were integral to his presidential duties, even during technically personal time.

Trump's criticism extended to Biden's vacationing style, alleging a lack of engagement. He accused Biden of being unresponsive during his vacations, citing instances where Biden allegedly postponed communication until his return.

Biden's Vacation Record Scrutinized

The current President's vacation habits have become a topic of scrutiny. In 2023, Biden reportedly spent 138 days on vacation, which constitutes over a third of the year. Trump compared this with his own presidency, suggesting a stark difference in their approaches to vacation time.

Since his inauguration, Biden's total vacation days have amounted to approximately 39% of his time in office. This figure surpasses the vacation days taken by Trump, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush during their presidencies. Trump pointed out this disparity to highlight what he perceives as a lack of dedication on Biden's part.

Trump's remarks come amid discussions on the role of a president's time management and commitment to office. The comparison between his and Biden's vacation patterns sheds light on differing presidential styles.

Mar-a-Lago: A Working Vacation Destination

Mar-a-Lago, Trump's famed estate, served as a backdrop for numerous important meetings and discussions during his presidency. Trump described it as a place where work and leisure intersected, enabling him to host international dignitaries and conduct presidential business even while on vacation.

Trump’s comments reflect a broader conversation about presidential work-life balance and the expectations placed on the highest office in the land. The former President's detailed recounting of his own vacation habits paints a picture of constant engagement and activity, which he contrasts with Biden's approach.

Trump stated:

I have to say, when I take vacations I'm always working. This is really the Southern White House. I have meetings left, right, and all day. Even if I'm playing golf, I'm always playing golf with somebody who is important like heads of countries, senators, et cetera. But it's all work. This guy takes a vacation and he doesn't talk to anybody. They say, 'He'll call you in two or three weeks because he's on vacation.' Did you know that? People call him and they say he'll try getting back to you in the next two to three weeks because he's on vacation.

The interview, held in Palm Beach, has stirred a debate on presidential responsibility and the balance between personal time and public duty. Trump's critical view of Biden's vacationing patterns raises questions about the expectations and norms for a sitting U.S. President.


  • Donald Trump criticized Joe Biden for taking excessive vacations, contrasting them with his own working holidays.
  • Trump suggested that Biden's focus on reversing his policies during vacations has been detrimental to the country.
  • According to Trump, Biden's vacation days in 2023 and throughout his presidency surpassed those of previous presidents.
  • Trump emphasized his work ethic by describing Mar-a-Lago as a productive retreat, hosting world leaders and conducting meetings.

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