Trump Beating Biden Among Young Voters

 October 21, 2023

Former President Trump is making a comeback among young voters, a group that President Biden had previously won over in the 2020 elections.

Recent findings from an Emerson College poll have shown that Trump is now leading among voters under 30. He has garnered 45% of their support. On the other hand, Biden is slightly behind with 43%.

This change in the younger electorate's preference is causing ripples in the Democratic camp. The data suggests that Biden might be losing his grip on the new generation of voters.

Back in 2020, Biden secured about 60% of the votes from individuals under 30. Trump, in comparison, had only about 36%. This made the youth the most Democratic-leaning age group during that election.

Shift in Sentiment Among Millennials and Gen Z

Recent months have seen a significant shift in the political inclinations of millennial and Generation Z voters.

National poll numbers indicate that their support for the Democratic president has waned since the onset of summer, Washington Examiner reported.

In June, a poll by NBC News showed Biden's favorability rating with voters under 35 at 51%. Trump lagged far behind with 23%.

However, the same poll revealed that young voters weren't too enthusiastic about a Biden reelection. A mere 9% stated that they "strongly approve" of Biden's performance.

According to a recent PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist poll from October, Trump now has a 3-point lead over Biden among young voters. Trump stands at 50%, while Biden is at 47%.

Concerns About a Biden-Trump Matchup

A potential matchup between Biden and Trump in the future could impact youth voter turnout. This is a stark contrast to 2020 when young voters turned out in large numbers.

Biden's approval ratings among younger voters have hit a low, especially regarding his handling of immigration and the economy. This decline in approval is a matter of concern for the Biden administration.

Age has always been a topic of discussion for both Trump and Biden. Trump, at 77, and Biden, at 80, are both advanced in years. However, Trump hasn't faced as much scrutiny about his age as Biden. Many voters perceive Biden as too old for another term.

Conclusion and Reflections

It's evident that the political landscape is ever-changing. The youth, once a stronghold for Biden, now seems to be tilting towards Trump.

This shift raises several questions about the future of American politics and the strategies both parties will adopt to woo this crucial demographic.

  • Trump is gaining traction among young voters.
  • Biden's approval ratings among the youth are dwindling.
  • Age might play a significant role in the upcoming elections.

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About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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