Train Co-Founder Charlie Colin Dies at 58

 May 23, 2024

Charlie Colin, a key figure in the rock music scene, has died unexpectedly.

According to CBS News, Charlie Colin, former bassist and a founding member of the band Train, died recently at 58.

He was found after suffering a fall in a shower while he was housesitting in Brussels, Belgium. His death was confirmed by his sister through CBS News, adding a layer of sadness to the music world.

A Life Filled With Music and Challenges

Charlie Colin's career with Train catapulted him to fame, especially with the success of their 2001 hit "Drops of Jupiter." However, his journey was not without its hurdles.

He departed from Train in 2003 due to struggles with substance abuse, marking a significant turning point in his life and career.

Despite these challenges, Charlie continued his musical journey, collaborating with other artists, including former Train bandmates Rob Hotchkiss and Scott Underwood.

A tribute from Train highlighted Charlie’s crucial role in the band. They described him as instrumental in garnering attention for the group in their early days in San Francisco, given his "unique bass playing and beautiful guitar work."

Charlie was revered not just for his musical talents but also for his warm personality. He was often described as "the sweetest guy" by those who knew him, a testament to the kind of person he was both on and off-stage.

Global Influence and Lasting Legacy

His involvement in Train helped them reach their breakthrough and made an everlasting impact on the music industry. Their most notable track, "Drops of Jupiter," still resonates with fans across the globe.

Despite leaving Train, Charlie remained active in music, a passion that never faded even as he faced personal battles. His will to continue creating music despite difficulties showed his dedication and love for his craft.

Although he had moved to Belgium, where he lived up until his untimely death, Charlie kept close to his musical roots. His death marks a significant loss to the music community, not only in San Francisco but around the world.

Here’s the full tribute from his former band, Train, emphasizing his impact:

His unique bass playing a beautiful guitar work helped get folks to notice us in SF and beyond. I'll always have a warm place for him in my heart. I always tried to pull him closer but he had a vision of his own. You're a legend, Charlie. Go charm the pants off those angels.

A Fond Farewell

Charlie Colin’s unexpected passing is a considerable loss to the music world. His role in Train’s rise to fame and his continued contributions to music highlights a career marked by extraordinary talent and personal battles. His legacy through his music will continue to influence and inspire, as fans and fellow musicians remember him for his contributions to music and his kind spirit and resilience.

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