Top UFO Investigator Stepping Down

By Robert Cunningham, updated on November 8, 2023

Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick's tenure as head of the Pentagon's UFO investigation arm is coming to an end.

After an 18-month stint as director of the office responsible for investigating Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs), Kirkpatrick announced his retirement in December.

Having had an illustrious career spanning over two decades in space policy, research, acquisitions, and operations, Kirkpatrick accepted the role in July 2022. Under his leadership, the AARO has been at the forefront of UAP research, tackling potential threats and working towards a better understanding of these phenomena.

Accomplishments and the Road Ahead

"I’m ready to move on. I have accomplished everything I said I was going to do," Kirkpatrick stated, reflecting on his time as director. His tenure saw him testify before a Senate subcommittee in April 2023, where he presented videos of two UAP incidents.

Before stepping down, Kirkpatrick plans to complete a historical review of UAPs, furthering the understanding of these occurrences. His work has been instrumental in reducing the stigma surrounding UAP reports, encouraging more people to come forward with their experiences.

His deputy, Tim Phillips, will serve as acting director following Kirkpatrick's departure until a permanent replacement is appointed. Phillips will continue the office's mission of investigating UAPs that may pose a threat.

Understanding Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena

Kirkpatrick's work has been foundational in the analysis of UAPs. He emphasized the importance of rigorous data analysis during his Senate testimony, stating:

Why am I showing you this? This is the kind of data we have to work with and the type of analysis we have to do. Further, we're now matching all of this with models of all those imaging sensors so that I can recreate this. I can actually show how the sensor going to respond.

Despite the progress made, Kirkpatrick acknowledged that definitive proof of alien technology remains elusive. However, the increased reporting of UAP incidents indicates a growing interest and recognition of the need for investigation into these phenomena.

Transparency and Public Interest

The work of the AARO has been marked by a commitment to transparency, as affirmed by Pentagon spokesman Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder. "The department is committed to transparency with the American people on AARO’s work on UAPs," he said, indicating a dedication to keeping the public informed about developments in UAP research.

Alongside the AARO, NASA is also conducting separate investigations into UAPs, indicating a wider governmental interest in understanding these phenomena. The retirement of Kirkpatrick will not impact these ongoing investigations.

As Kirkpatrick prepares to retire, his contributions to the field of UAP research will undoubtedly have a lasting impact. His leadership has set the stage for further investigations, and his dedication to transparency has fostered a culture of openness and curiosity around the subject.


  • Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick announced his retirement as director of the Pentagon's AARO office, effective December 2023.
  • Kirkpatrick plans to complete a historical review of UAPs before stepping down.
  • His deputy, Tim Phillips, will serve as acting director following his departure.
  • Kirkpatrick played a significant role in UAP research and testified before a Senate subcommittee in April 2023.
  • The AARO is committed to transparency in its investigations into UAPs.
  • Despite Kirkpatrick's departure, investigations into UAPs will continue at both the AARO and NASA.

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