Top Biden Official Faces Staff Revolt After Being Charged With Inappropriate Comments On ‘Genocide’

 February 1, 2024

Tensions flared at a recent speech on climate change in the nation's capital.

USAID Director Samantha Power faced stark criticism from her own staff over the U.S. government's stance on Israel and Gaza.

Samantha Power, who leads the United States Agency for International Development, encountered vocal opposition during her address in Washington, D.C. Accusations of hypocrisy were thrown her way, linking U.S. policies to alleged atrocities in Gaza. The confrontation manifested the deeper unrest brewing among some U.S. officials.

Staff Members Express Grave Concerns

Former USAID staff member Agnieszka Sykes, alongside current employee Hannah Funk, led the charge with scathing criticism.

They argued that Power's previous advocacy work against genocide starkly contrasted with her current position in the administration. Sykes's call for Power's resignation was a poignant moment, highlighting the internal conflict faced by the agency.

Hannah Funk articulated a sentiment that resonated within the halls of USAID, questioning America's moral authority. She emphasized the difficulty in upholding U.S. values on global developmental and humanitarian issues against the backdrop of the conflict in Gaza. Funk's critique added another layer to the ongoing debate on U.S. foreign policy.

Policy Defense Amidst Sharp Critiques

In response, Samantha Power acknowledged the devastation in Gaza, citing over 25,000 Palestinian deaths based on data from a Hamas-run health authority.

She defended Israel's military actions as necessary for the safety and security of the region. The defense was a delicate balance of recognizing the humanitarian crisis while maintaining support for strategic geopolitical alliances.

Divisions Reflect Larger Foreign Policy Debate

The event at which Power spoke quickly became a flashpoint for broader discussions on U.S. foreign policy. More than a disagreement on one issue revealed a significant divide within the Democratic Party.

The discord has reached the youngest ranks of the administration, with over 40 White House interns calling for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas conflict. Their plea underscores the generational divide and the struggle to reconcile long-standing foreign alliances with modern values. It is an echo of the broader discontent that has been seen across various segments of the party.

Members of the Democratic Party's progressive wing, known as the "Squad," have been vocal in their opposition to President Biden's approach to the Israel-Hamas war. This internal strife is more than a fleeting skirmish; it is a sign of the ideological tug-of-war defining today's political landscape. It underscores the administration's challenges in maintaining party unity while navigating complex international relations.


During a recent climate change speech in Washington, D.C., USAID Director Samantha Power was met with strong opposition from her own staff, criticizing the U.S. government's stance on Israel and Gaza. Staff members Agnieszka Sykes and Hannah Funk led the criticism, highlighting a perceived contradiction between Power's past advocacy against genocide and her current role.

Power responded by acknowledging the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, defending Israel's military actions as necessary for regional safety. This incident reflects deeper divisions within the Democratic Party and the U.S. foreign policy debate, emphasizing the challenge of aligning America's global values with its strategic alliances.

The discord, further amplified by calls for a cease-fire from White House interns and critiques from the Democratic Party's progressive wing, signifies a broader ideological struggle within U.S. politics.

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