Tom Bower, Star of 'Die Hard 2' and 'The Waltons', Passes at 86

 June 6, 2024

Tom Bower, a revered actor recognized for his diverse roles, has died.

At 86, Bower died peacefully in his Los Angeles residence on May 30, New York Post reported.

During his impressive career lasting over five decades, Tom Bower engaged audiences with a variety of characters in both films and television programs. Renowned for his portrayal in "Die Hard 2" and "Nixon," he remained active in the industry until 2023, completing his last role on the show “Lucky Hank.”

Mary Miller, Bower’s sister, confirmed the beloved actor's passing. She stated that he passed in his sleep, a peaceful end for a man who had brought much vigor to the screen. According to Miller, "[Bower died] in his sleep at home in Los Angeles, Calif., on May 30."

Celebrated Career Spans Multiple Generations

One of Bower’s noteworthy roles was Marvin the janitor in "Die Hard 2." In this action-packed sequel, his character aids Bruce Willis's John McClane to thwart a terrorist threat. This role cemented Bower as a talented character actor capable of elevating supporting roles to memorable status.

Moreover, Bower’s character, Dr. Curtis Willard, in the beloved TV series "The Waltons," is another standout in his long television career. He appeared in 26 episodes of this iconic show, engraving his name in the hearts of its loyal viewers.

Among Bower’s significant cinematic roles was his portrayal of Frank, the father of President Nixon, in Oliver Stone's biographical film "Nixon." This performance showcased his ability to embody robust, historical figures, adding depth and gravitation to the ensemble cast.

Tom Bower’s Unique Connection to 'The Waltons'

Reflecting on his time with "The Waltons," Bower once shared a tale of his departure from the show, which humorously highlighted the realities of television production and contract negotiations. Sharing the peculiar circumstances surrounding his character’s discontinuation and eventual replacement on the show, Bower humorously remembered the situation as follows:

I asked for a very small raise, so they sent me to Pearl Harbor. Then, when they decided to bring the character back, washed up on a shore somewhere — which I didn’t think was a great idea anyway — I asked for the same small raise. They just cast a different actor.

In addition, Bower’s recent appearance on “Lucky Hank” was a testament to his undying passion for acting, proving that his talents remained sharp and appreciated even in the twilight of his career. His longevity in the industry is a clear reflection of his dedication and love for the craft. Tom Bower was a native of Los Angeles, the city where he both achieved fame and peacefully passed away. His contributions to both film and television are indelibly imprinted in Hollywood’s history.

Final Curtain Call for a Hollywood Veteran

This loss resonates deeply within the acting community and among fans who admired his extensive body of work. Bower’s varied performances, spanning from heartfelt dramas to high-stakes thrillers, showed an actor capable of transitioning seamlessly between genres.

As news of Tom Bower’s passing circulates, tributes from colleagues and admirers from all corners of the entertainment industry have started pouring in, echoing the sentiment of a profound loss to the world of cinema and television.

In conclusion, the legacy of Tom Bower’s illustrious career and his final days reflect a life fully lived and a profession greatly admired. His memorable roles and the dignity with which he carried them will continue to inspire actors and entertain audiences for generations.

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