Tim Scott Withdraws From 2024 Presidential Campaign

 November 13, 2023

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott has suspended his 2024 presidential campaign in a significant political development.

Scott's decision comes after difficulties gaining momentum against former President Donald Trump's dominant presence in the race.

Scott made the unexpected announcement during a Sunday night appearance on Fox News' "Sunday Night in America" with Trey Gowdy. He expressed that the electorate had communicated a clear message, essentially saying, "Not now, Tim," regarding his presidential aspirations.

End of a Presidential Bid

Senator Scott's decision not to endorse another candidate in the Republican presidential primary underscores his intention to remain neutral in the ongoing race. His stance indicates a strategic withdrawal from the presidential contest while maintaining his influential role in the Republican Party.

Further distancing himself from the 2024 election spotlight, Scott declared that he has no intention of seeking the vice-presidential nomination on the Republican ticket. This declaration shuts down any speculation about his involvement in the upcoming presidential race in any capacity other than as a senator.

Surprising many within his campaign, Scott's announcement was not preceded by any prior notice to his staff. This lack of communication reflects the sudden nature of his decision, indicating a swift change in strategy for the South Carolina senator.

A Campaign of Optimism and Challenges

Launched in May 2022 in Charleston, South Carolina, Scott's campaign centered around an "optimistic, positive message anchored in conservatism." This theme presented a hopeful vision for the future, aligning with Scott's personal and political beliefs.

However, the campaign faced several hurdles. Scott struggled to leave a lasting impression in the early Republican primary debates, crucial for establishing a candidate's presence in a crowded field.

The campaign's focus shifted to Iowa, where it went "all in" in an attempt to gain traction in the crucial early-voting state. A recent cancellation of a large ad buy by a super PAC supporting Scott signaled trouble for the campaign's visibility and viability.

Financial Struggles and Personal Life

Despite having a significant $14 million in campaign funds at the end of September, Scott's campaign faced fundraising difficulties. This was evident from a "one last chance" fundraising email just before the suspension announcement.

Compounding his campaign challenges, Scott had to cancel several events in Iowa over the weekend due to flu. Such health issues can disrupt a campaign's momentum, especially in critical moments like the build-up to early caucuses and primaries.

In a more personal revelation, Scott recently shared about his relationship with his girlfriend, Mindy Noce, providing a glimpse into his private life amidst the demanding presidential campaign.

Community and Political Reactions

Nikki Haley, former Governor of South Carolina, praised Scott as "a good man of faith and an inspiration to many." She acknowledged his positive impact on the Republican primary and expressed gratitude that he continues to serve as South Carolina's senator.

Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, also commended Scott for his courage and leadership. DeSantis recognized Scott's contributions to conservative ideas and American politics, underscoring his continued role in shaping the Republican Party's future. According to DeSantis:

"Tim Scott is a strong conservative with bold ideas about how to get our country back on track. I respect his courage to run this campaign and thank him for his service to America and the U.S. Senate. I look forward to Tim continuing to be a leader in our party for years to come."


  • Tim Scott suspends his 2024 presidential campaign.
  • Scott announces his decision on Fox News and states voters told him, "Not now, Tim."
  • He will not endorse another candidate in the Republican presidential primary.
  • Scott also has no interest in being the 2024 GOP vice presidential nominee.
  • His campaign staff were surprised by the sudden announcement.
  • Scott launched his campaign with a focus on optimism and conservatism.
  • Struggled in Republican primary debates and focused heavily on Iowa caucuses.
  • The recent cancellation of ad buys by supporting super PAC signaled fundraising issues.

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