The Prospect of Vice President Harris Leading the Nation

 April 14, 2024

The whispers surrounding Vice President Kamala Harris's potential ascent to the presidency are growing louder each day.

According to Daily Mail, amid President Joe Biden's reelection campaign, speculation about Vice President Kamala Harris stepping up as the next Commander-in-Chief due to concerns over Biden's fitness has intensified.

In an age where political dynamics are constantly shifting, the conversation around Harris's capabilities and the critical voices from different political aisles encapsulates the nation's current state of uncertainty. Early in the year, Harris was at the forefront, defending not only her readiness to lead the nation but also President Biden’s fitness for reelection amidst growing concerns about his age. At 81, President Joe Biden sits at the center of discussions questioning if age might affect his ability to serve an additional term, bringing Vice President Kamala Harris into consideration for the presidency.

Former President Donald Trump emphasized the importance of Harris's role in the upcoming 2024 campaign, predicting she would be a "very big part" of the electoral discourse. Trump's perspective underscores widespread scrutiny across political spectrums, considering the possible shift in leadership dynamics. As these conversations grow, so does the focus on Harris's political stances, from immigration to foreign policy issues, illustrating her influence and the scrutiny that comes with her position.

Kamala Harris: Scrutinized and Defended

Harris has faced significant criticism from Republicans for her management of immigration issues and her role as the so-called 'border czar.' Critiques primarily focus on her handling of the border crisis, an area of significant political contention. Representative Jim Banks and Mike Davis, president of the Article III project, have been vocal critics, pointing to perceived failures in her leadership.

Beyond immigration, Harris is seen as leaning more to the left than Biden on several key issues, including abortion rights, marijuana legalization, and criminal justice reforms. This distinction in policy positions further fuels the debate over her potential presidency. Her strategies and viewpoints, especially regarding Israel and the Gaza conflict, draw continued attention and critique.

Harris's approval ratings present another challenge. A March poll marked her approval at 35 percent, reflecting the uphill battle she faces in improving her public image amidst polarized perceptions. Despite this, Harris has not faltered in emphasizing her considerable foreign policy experience, having claimed engagement with over 150 world leaders, which underscores her readiness for leadership on the global stage.

Varying Opinions Across the Political Spectrum

While Harris’s potential presidency sparks debate, some Democrats, including Senator John Fetterman from Pennsylvania, remain unwavering in their support. Fetterman has expressed full confidence in both Harris and Biden, suggesting America's turn away from Trump and toward what he views as competent leadership.

Conversely, the reluctance to discuss a potential Harris presidency among certain Democrats and political figures highlights the division and uncertainty that permeates the party. This hesitancy to envision Harris in the nation's highest office further complicates the narrative around her candidacy and the upcoming election.

In her own words, Harris has poignantly addressed these challenges and speculations. In a February interview with the Wall Street Journal, she affirmed her readiness, "I am ready to serve. There’s no question about that."


This direct statement, along with her continued efforts to tackle significant issues such as immigration and her advocacy for abortion rights, positions Harris as a resilient figure in American politics. Despite low approval ratings and criticism, Harris's dedication to her roles and responsibilities remains clear.

As the political landscape evolves, the speculation concerning Vice President Kamala Harris's potential to become the 47th president of the United States reveals the complexities of leadership, public perception, and the ever-present dynamics of American politics. From her handling of immigration and stance on various policy issues to defending her and President Biden's fitness for their roles, the discourse around Harris showcases the multifaceted considerations of presidential suitability as the election nears.

Regardless of the outcome, Harris's role in the 2024 campaign and her impact on key issues have undeniably positioned her at the heart of national debate.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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