Texas Judge Slapped with Criminal Complaint after VP Visit

 November 29, 2023

On the heels of a high-profile meeting with Vice President Kamala Harris, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo finds herself caught in the crosshairs of a new criminal investigation.

A criminal complaint alleging misuse of county resources for political gain has been referred to the Texas Rangers, adding to a series of legal troubles shadowing Hidalgo's office.

Complaint Stems from Controversial Press Conference

The complaint revolves around a press conference held by Judge Hidalgo on November 10th. The meeting, conducted using county resources, was directed at the District Attorney, accusing them of leaking confidential information.

Interestingly, this press conference was swiftly removed from all county social media pages shortly after being aired.

This move has been viewed with suspicion and led to Attorney Mark McCaig filing both a civil ethics complaint and a criminal complaint related to the event.

In the Shadow of Previous Indictments

This recent complaint seems to be a part of larger issues plaguing Hidalgo's administration. Three of her former staffers were indicted on felony charges in 2022 related to a controversial $11 million COVID-19 contract awarded by the county in 2021.

The contract, intended for COVID-19 outreach, was reportedly awarded bypassing standard procedures, leading to scrutiny and investigations. In November 2022, the Texas Rangers initiated new search warrants in relation to this contract, adding to the ongoing legal concerns.

Amid these controversies, Judge Hidalgo's personal and professional life has not been without its challenges. She took a medical leave over the summer, citing depression, but returned to her duties in October. Her commitment to public service remained apparent despite these personal struggles.

Timing Raises Questions

Only a day before the complaint was referred to the Texas Rangers, Judge Hidalgo met with Vice President Kamala Harris in Houston. The meeting, centered on discussing the Biden-Harris administration's support for the Latino community, highlighted Judge Hidalgo's continued engagement in high-profile political discourse.

During this meeting, Judge Hidalgo expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating,

"Excited to join forces with VP Harris in Harris County discussing the Biden-Harris administration’s support of the Latino community. The $1 billion received in ARP investments serves all our communities in entrepreneurship, childhood education, healthcare access and more."

Looking ahead

The allegations and investigations surrounding Judge Hidalgo are likely to unfold in the coming weeks and months. As the Texas Rangers delve deeper into the criminal complaint, the full extent of the alleged misappropriation may become clearer.

Meanwhile, the public and the political sphere will closely watch Hidalgo's actions and response to these developments.

These allegations highlight the importance of transparency and ethical conduct in public office, prompting us all to reflect on the standards we expect from our elected officials.


  • A criminal complaint has been filed against Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo.
  • The complaint is connected to a press conference accusing the DA of leaking information.
  • Three of Hidalgo's former staffers have been indicted over a $11 million COVID-19 contract.
  • Attorney Mark McCaig filed both civil and criminal complaints regarding the press conference.
  • The press conference was removed from county social media pages.
  • Hidalgo met with Vice President Kamala Harris the day before the criminal complaint was referred to the Texas Rangers.

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