Texas Detains 70 More Migrants in Response to Border Altercation

By Victor Winston, updated on March 30, 2024

In a significant law enforcement action, Texas authorities have arrested another 70 migrants at the El Paso border. This is a blow to the Biden administration which has been turning a blind eye to the catastrophes occurring at the border.

According to Daily Wire, this wave of arrests comes after a disturbing incident on March 21, where migrants were caught on film overpowering National Guard members and tearing through border defenses.

Following the events of late March, the spotlight has shone brightly on El Paso, Texas, a point of contention in the broader discourse on immigration and border security in the United States. The sequence of events, beginning with the aggressive confrontation where adult male migrants dismantled barriers and made a concerted rush towards the United States soil, has ignited discussions at every level of government.

Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, committed to bolstering the physical and personnel resources at the border earlier this week, signaling a fortified stance against illegal crossings. His tweet highlighted the surge in soldiers and the reinforcement of barriers, a testament to Texas's resolve to uphold its border integrity.

Charges Filed Amidst Escalating Border Tensions

Each arrested migrant faces misdemeanor charges for their part in the disturbance, with an emphasis on rioting, a mark of the aggression displayed in the incident's video documentation. Before these arrests, a smaller group faced accusations of inciting a riot and assaulting National Guard members, underscoring the severity of the confrontation.

Collin Rugg, in a public statement, expressed gratitude towards Texas for its proactive measures. He articulated a sentiment of relief and approval towards the state's response to the volatile situation, thanking Texas for taking decisive action against the individuals who crossed the line from peaceful migration to riotous behavior.

The first among those charged was 21-year-old Junior Evaristo-Benitez from Honduras, indicating a diverse origin of those involved mainly from Venezuela, according to reports. Their actions, purportedly a response to being turned back towards Mexico, escalated quickly, culminating in attempts to disarm a National Guard member and the discovery of makeshift weapons.

Response and Wider Implications of Border Security Measures

The deployment of 200 tactical border forces and additional physical barriers by Governor Abbott highlights a larger, years-long crisis at the southern border of the United States. With record numbers of migrants apprehended and a sizable number of individuals categorized as "known getaways," the challenges faced by both border enforcement agencies and migrant destination cities have magnified.

Earlier this week, Texas surged soldiers and resources to boost border security operations in El Paso. We continue to reinforce existing border barriers and repel illegal crossings. Texas will hold the line. This statement by Governor Greg Abbott encapsulates the state's firm stance in response to the breach attempts, asserting a commitment to maintaining order at the border.

However, complications arise with the reported lack of cooperation from federal authorities, contrasting with the cooperation levels of the Border Patrol. This discrepancy highlights a nuanced struggle within the broader framework of immigration and border control policies, a situation that requires a balanced and cooperative approach across all levels of government.


As the situation unfolds, Texas stands steadfast in its intention to charge nearly 200 migrants held by ICE, reflecting a zero-tolerance policy towards actions that undermine border security and public safety.

The incident at the El Paso border marks a notable moment in the ongoing dialogue surrounding border security, immigration policy, and the balance between humanitarian concerns and national sovereignty. Texas's actions, characterized by immediate law enforcement responses and strategic deployments, underscore the complexities and challenges at the heart of the border crisis, a subject that continues to elicit strong reactions from across the political spectrum.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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