Texas Deputies Launch Double Murder Investigation At Former Judge’s Home

 January 9, 2024

A tragic incident has unfolded in the quiet community near Georgetown, Texas.

In a shocking development, former Williamson County Judge Burt Carnes and his wife were found deceased in their home, the victims of a shooting.

On the night of January 8th, a distressing 911 call was received by local authorities. It reported a shooting in a residence located in the 300 block of County Road 317. This area, known for its tranquility, lies near Georgetown and about 40 miles north of Austin, Texas.

Former Judge's Household Becomes a Crime Scene

Williamson County deputies responded promptly to the call. They arrived at the scene to discover a harrowing sight. Inside the home, they found Burt Carnes and his wife both dead from gunshot wounds.

Adding to the community’s shock, a suspect was swiftly taken into custody. This rapid response by law enforcement suggests a quick unraveling of events on that fateful night.

Burt Carnes, a respected figure in the local community, retired in 2013. He had served diligently for 24 years as a judge in the 368th District Court. His retirement marked the end of a significant era in Williamson County’s judicial history.

Investigation Ensues as Residents Seek Answers

The deputies have stated there is currently no threat to the public. However, they continue to urge people to steer clear of the area to facilitate an uninterrupted investigation.

Carnes, who had strong connections to Texas law enforcement through his family, is remembered for his commitment to service. During a 2013 interview with the Austin American-Statesman, Carnes explained his decision to become a judge rather than a politician.

He emphasized that a judge must adhere to the law and, within its confines, act according to what they believe is right. These words, reflective of his commitment to justice and fairness, resonate profoundly in the wake of this tragedy.

Community Mourns as Investigation Continues

The incident has left the community in a state of mourning and disbelief. Neighbors and colleagues of Carnes recall him as a principled and fair-minded individual dedicated to upholding the law.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting and the motives of the suspect remain under investigation. The identity of the suspect has not been disclosed, and details about the events leading up to the shooting are still emerging.

The community seeks to deal with this unexpected and devastating loss as the investigation continues. The Carnes family, known for their contributions to law and order, are now at the heart of a mystery gripping the local area.

Reflecting on a Legacy and a Tragic End

A tragic incident took the lives of former Williamson County Judge Burt Carnes and his wife, both victims of a shooting in their home. Responding to a distressing 911 call on January 8th, deputies found the couple deceased from gunshot wounds, and a suspect was quickly taken into custody.

Burt Carnes, who retired in 2013 after 24 years as a judge, was a respected figure known for his commitment to law and justice.

The community, now in mourning, seeks answers as the investigation into the motives and circumstances of the shooting continues, leaving many in shock and disbelief over the loss of a couple known for their dedication to law and order.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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