Texas Democrat Admits Border Situation Is Hurting Biden

 December 21, 2023

In an increasingly polarized climate, a Texas Democrat's perspective on border issues is turning heads.

Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar has voiced significant concerns about illegal border crossings and their impact on President Biden's political standing, highlighting a deepening divide among voters in his predominantly Hispanic district.

Representative Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from Texas, has recently brought attention to the growing unease among his constituents regarding border security. Cuellar, whose district lies near the Texas-Mexico border, has noticed an uptick in worry among the local populace, a concern he believes is not being adequately addressed at the federal level. His observations come when the Biden administration faces increasing scrutiny over its handling of border issues.

The Resentment Among Hispanics and Democrats

Cuellar's district, with a substantial Hispanic Democratic demographic, reflects a broader sentiment not often highlighted in the national conversation about immigration. Many in this community feel a sense of resentment towards those who bypass the legal routes of immigration, a process many of their ancestors or even parents undertook with diligence and respect for the law. As Cuellar notes, this sentiment is growing, creating a divide among the party and Hispanic voters.

Cuellar's father was a migrant from Mexico who legally immigrated to the United States. This personal history underscores the contrast between the legal immigration experiences of the past and the current trends of illegal border crossings. The representative's background gives him a unique perspective on the matter, one that blends personal experience with the current realities of his constituency.

The increasing smuggling activities in Eagle Pass and El Paso, Texas, have added to the urgency of this issue. Customs and Border Protection has responded by closing international railway crossing bridges, a move indicative of the seriousness of the situation. While necessary for security reasons, these closures also signify the escalating challenges at the border.

Proposals for Stricter Border Control Measures

In addressing these concerns, Cuellar has called for stronger enforcement of existing immigration laws. He believes that more robust repercussions at the border and a strategic change in approach could deter illegal immigration effectively. This stance puts him at odds with some in his party, who advocate for more lenient border policies.

Cuellar referred to Title 8, a section of the U.S. code that deals with the processing and expedited deportation of migrants found between legal entry points. He suggests this approach has been underutilized, especially during the enforcement of Title 42, a policy from the Trump administration era, used for the rapid expulsion of asylum seekers, which continued under the Biden administration until May.

Representative Cuellar emphasized the perception among migrants that they can evade U.S. immigration laws. He points out a belief among some migrants that they can relocate once in the U.S. and avoid legal repercussions for years. This notion, he argues, undermines the integrity of the immigration system and creates further challenges for law enforcement and policymakers.

Concerns Beyond the Border District

The failure of Senate negotiators to reach a border policy agreement has had ripple effects, affecting funding decisions for international concerns like Ukraine and Israel. This deadlock illustrates the broader impact of border policy on the United States' international standing and its domestic policies.

“There’s a resentment ... growing among Hispanics and Democrats because they followed the law, and now we’re seeing people just jump the line and end up in New York and other places,” said Cuellar, articulating a frustration that resonates with many in his community.

Cuellar has not recently communicated directly with President Biden about immigration since a January visit to the U.S.-Mexico border. This lack of dialogue may reflect the complexities and sensitivities surrounding the issue within the Democratic Party and the national political arena.


The challenge facing the Biden administration is to balance the needs and concerns of diverse groups within the party and the nation. As Cuellar's comments reveal, there is a growing demand for policies that respect the rule of law and the complexities of immigration. This balancing act is crucial for maintaining party unity and addressing the concerns of a significant section of the American electorate.

  • Illegal border crossings are perceived as detrimental to President Biden's campaign and the Democratic Party.
  • There is growing resentment among Hispanic and Democratic voters toward illegal immigration.
  • Cuellar emphasizes the need for stricter border control and enforcement of immigration laws.
  • Increased migrant smuggling in Texas highlights the urgency of this issue.
  • The lack of a unified border policy affects broader U.S. policy and international relations.

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