Texas AG Accuses Biden Of Aiding Cartels

 January 1, 2024

A fiery accusation strikes at the heart of U.S. immigration policy.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton accuses the Biden administration of complicity with drug cartels in the human trafficking crisis at the southern border.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has made a bold assertion on national television, claiming that the policies of the Biden administration have indirectly assisted criminal cartels in smuggling people across the U.S. southern border. This sharp critique comes as the Department of Justice (DOJ) contemplates legal action against the state of Texas over recent immigration legislation. The law in question authorizes Texas law enforcement to detain migrants who enter the United States illegally and expands the jurisdiction of local judges to mandate that these individuals vacate the country.

Rising Tensions Over Immigration Law

The tension between federal and state authorities has escalated, with the DOJ's warning shot to Texas Governor Greg Abbott flagging potential lawsuits over state interference with federal immigration policy. Texas stands its ground, with Governor Abbott's office signaling readiness to defend its position up to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary. The standoff highlights the growing chasm between Texas leadership and the federal government on the contentious issue of immigration and border control.

Attorney General Paxton's comments on "Sunday Morning Futures" on Fox News spotlighted the increasing number of migrant crossings under the current administration. He expressed frustration with the federal government's stance, which he perceives as a betrayal of American citizens and an enabling force for the criminal activities of cartels. These remarks underscore a broader debate on the efficacy of the United States' approach to immigration reform and the security of its southern border.

Referring to the immigration courts, Paxton decried their state of overextension, unable to cope with the swelling tide of asylum seekers. He pointed to the financial burdens and the surge in crime linked to the border crisis, specifically the rise in human and drug trafficking. He laid out the stark consequences of these issues, including the thousands of lives claimed by drug overdoses, a toll that Paxton attributes to the enabling of cartel operations by current policies.

A Battle Over Border Security

Ken Paxton highlighted the serious consequences of the border crisis, particularly pointing out the thousands of deaths due to fentanyl overdoses. This crisis, he insists, is exacerbated by policies that facilitate cartel operations, making his accusation all the more grave. The Attorney General's allegations suggest a federal government at odds with its duty to protect American citizens, instead embroiling itself in a legal tussle over the state's proactive measures.

It’s not like they’re solving the problem. They’re actually helping aid and abet the cartels. And then Texas says, ‘We have had enough. We’re going to do something about it.’ And then they threaten us from enforcing our own laws.

These words, spoken by Ken Paxton, encapsulate his stance on the federal government's actions regarding the crisis at the border. His pointed criticism reflects a deep-seated frustration with the perceived inaction and counterproductive measures taken by the federal authorities.

The legal conflict also encompasses the removal of razor wire along the Rio Grande River, installed by Texas in a bid to curb illegal crossings. The federal government's efforts to dismantle these barriers have met with legal challenges, further entrenching the dispute over border security responsibilities.

The Cost of a Humanitarian Crisis

The humanitarian crisis at the border carries with it an immense financial cost, which Ken Paxton emphasizes as a burden that should not fall on Texans alone. The Attorney General argues that the federal government's role is to mitigate these costs, yet he sees a contradictory effort that, in his view, exacerbates the problem. Paxton's narrative is one of a state left to fend for itself against the consequences of a failed federal policy.

The implications of these accusations are far-reaching, affecting the lives of thousands, from migrants seeking asylum to American citizens grappling with the fallout of the border crisis. The debate over immigration policy, border security, and the role of the federal government versus state authorities continues to be a divisive and unresolved issue in American politics.


  • The accusation by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton against the Biden administration for aiding cartels.
  • The DOJ's threat to sue Texas over new immigration legislation.
  • The potential escalation of legal conflict to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • The strain on U.S. immigration courts and the associated financial and criminal costs.
  • The removal of physical barriers at the border and the ongoing legal disputes.

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