Susan Buckner, Star Of 'Grease', Passes Away At 72

 May 7, 2024

As fans worldwide mourn, Susan Buckner, famous for her chirpy cheerleader portrayal in the classic film Grease, has died.

Fox News reported that Susan Buckner passed peacefully on May 2, surrounded by family and close friends.

With a career starting on vibrant stages like "The Mac Davis Show" and "Sonny and Cher," Susan’s charisma quickly drew Hollywood’s attention. Before long, she secured a role that would make her a household name — Patty Simcox in the 1978 hit musical ‘Grease.’

Following her stardom in ‘Grease,’ Buckner graced various television sets and movie scenes. She had memorable appearances in "The Love Boat" and movies including "Deadly Blessing" and "Police Academy 6: City Under Siege". These roles emphasized her versatile acting capability, endearing her to a broader audience.

Despite a successful acting career, Susan redirected her life toward nurturing her family. She stepped back from the entertainment industry to raise her children, Adam and Samantha, sharing her love for the arts by involving herself in local community activities.

Remembering Susan Buckner: A Life of Creativity And Kindness

A statement from her family highlighted her remarkable journey: "It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Susan Buckner, best known to the moviegoing public as memorable, bubbly cheerleader Patty Simcox." This character, alongside John Travolta and the late Olivia Newton-John, marked a significant epoch in her illustrious career.

Susan’s life beyond the screen was filled with joy, and she shared this joy by directing children’s plays and teaching dance. Her love for the arts transcended her performances, touching many more through these acts of kindness and mentorship.

She will be remembered not just for the roles she played but also for her contribution to her community. As her family stated, "Susan will be remembered for her kindness, generosity, and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others." This spirit is a testament to the lives she touched on and off-screen.

A Passionate Spirit Remembered By Family

Samantha, Susan’s daughter, shared touching words about her mother. She said, "She was magic. She was my best friend. And I will miss her every day. I was lucky I had such a lightning rod of a mother and now I have her as an angel." This sentiment reflects their profound bond, shedding light on Susan's nurturing nature.

A statement from the family reads:

In addition to her contributions to the entertainment industry, Susan will be remembered for her kindness, generosity and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others. Her effervescent spirit will continue to inspire generations of performers and fans alike.

Her iconic 'Grease' cheer still resonates with fans: "Do the splits, give a yell! Show a little spirit for Old Rydell! Way to go, red and white! Go, Rydell, fight, fight, fight!". This cheer symbolizes the vibrant spirit she infused in her character and her genuine passion for performance.

Her loving family survives Susan: her children, grandchildren, a sister, her in-laws, and her devoted longtime partner, Al. As we remember Susan Buckner, her remarkable legacy as an actress, a community influencer, and a devoted mother will undoubtedly continue to influence and inspire.

In summarizing her vibrant journey through life, both on-screen and off, Susan lived passionately with love surrounding her until the end. Her grace and energy will continue to inspire as her spirit remains immortalized in her works and the positive change she has impacted.

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