Surprising Frontrunner In New Hampshire Poll For Trump's Vice President

 May 23, 2024

Tulsi Gabbard, once a Democrat, now stands as a top choice for vice president among sure New Hampshire voters.

In a recent poll by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, former Representative Tulsi Gabbard she emerged as the leading choice for Donald Trump's running mate among non-Biden supporters in New Hampshire, Fox News reported.

Former Representative Tulsi Gabbard left the Democratic Party to become an independent.

Gabbard's political journey includes endorsements and evolving stances on issues. She is known for her service in the Hawaii National Guard and her deployment to Iraq.

Top Choice Amid Various Contenders

In the poll, Tulsi Gabbard got 24% support from New Hampshire voters not backing Biden, leading other potential candidates. Notably, her closest competitor, Vivek Ramaswamy, was seven points behind.

Furthermore, the poll shows significant interest in Gabbard among candidates like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, and former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley.

Additionally, Gabbard's vice-presidential consideration follows her alignment with Republicans, highlighted by her support for GOP Senate nominee Don Bolduc in New Hampshire in October 2022, marking her break from the Democratic establishment.

Public Endorsements and Media Appearances

Earlier this year, during a Fox News town hall, Donald Trump hinted that Gabbard was among his top picks for a running mate, highlighting her potential role in the 2024 race.

Moreover, Gabbard has welcomed such speculations, expressing her willingness to join Trump if given the chance. Notably, her military service and criticism of Democratic policies have set her apart in political discussions.

Furthermore, Gabbard has voiced her disillusionment with the Democratic Party, urging a reevaluation of political alignments for the national interest.

In addition, she praised Trump's resilience against political adversaries, stating:

"I've met many strong people, but none who could withstand all that Trump faces and still choose to keep fighting against the Washington establishment."

Additionally, as the first Samoan-American in Congress, Gabbard initially aligned with the Democratic Party's progressive wing but later significantly departed from her earlier political stance.

Gabbard's Appeal Among Non-Biden Supporters

This poll suggests a shifting political landscape where voters may look beyond traditional party lines. Gabbard's varied record appeals to voters disenchanted with current policies.

Her endorsements of figures like Bernie Sanders in 2016 and her progressive yet non-conformist stance add to her complex political persona, attracting diverse supporters.

Gabbard's shift from Democrat to independent endorsing GOP candidates reflects a broader narrative of political realignment.

Her potential vice-presidential candidacy under Trump could challenge conventional political boundaries in American politics.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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