Supreme Court to Hear Case That Could Undo Capitol Riot Charges

 December 15, 2023

The fate of hundreds of Capitol riot prosecutions hangs in the balance.

The highest court in the United States is set to evaluate an appeal that has significant implications for the legal outcomes of the Capitol riot defendants, including former President Donald Trump.

The Supreme Court's decision to consider the appeal comes at a critical moment. Over 300 individuals charged with the January 6th insurrection face potential impacts to their cases. The charge in question pertains to allegations of obstruction of the certification of the 2020 presidential election results by Congress.

Former President's Legal Battle Takes Center Stage

The core of this legal review revolves around Donald Trump, who faces four charges from special counsel Jack Smith, including a significant count of conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding. Trump's trial is set for March 4, but the Supreme Court's involvement might delay its start.

Trump argues that his actions as president should exempt him from prosecution, a stance a federal judge has rejected. However, the Supreme Court is considering this argument separately. The case's hearings are expected in the spring, with a crucial decision likely by early summer.

The obstruction charge, central to this case, is serious, with a potential 20-year prison sentence. At least 152 individuals have been convicted or have admitted guilt to this charge, and over 108 have received sentences.

A Legal Precedent That Could Reshape Prosecutions

The case arose to prominence when a lower court judge dismissed the obstruction charge against Joseph Fischer and two others. This dismissal led to the Supreme Court's agreement to hear an appeal. The implications of this decision could extend to defendants like Edward Jacob Lang and Garret Miller, the latter already serving a 38-month sentence on separate charges.

U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols has expressed skepticism about the broad application of the law in these instances. Nichols posited that the statute requires a defendant to have targeted a "document, record or other object" to qualify as obstructing an official proceeding. This interpretation conflicts with an appeals court's support of the Justice Department's broader view in April, which upheld the use of the obstruction charge.

"This is a watershed day. In our world — defense lawyer world — this is huge," said Kira Anne West, a defense attorney, highlighting the significance of the Supreme Court's decision to hear the case.

The Broader Impact on the Capitol Riot Aftermath

The Capitol riot has led to an unprecedented legal aftermath, with over 1,200 individuals facing federal charges. The guilty pleas have surpassed 700, underscoring the scale of the legal reckoning following January 6, 2021.

While the Supreme Court's review unfolds, it places a cloud of uncertainty over the scheduled trials. An anonymous lawyer for Trump did not provide immediate commentary on the court's decision. The legal community, however, remains abuzz with the potential repercussions of the high court's upcoming ruling.

Defense attorney Kira Anne West suggests that if the Supreme Court sides with the defendants, this could unravel many convictions and necessitate sentence reviews. Such a scenario poses a seismic shift in the legal narrative surrounding one of the most contentious moments in recent American history.


  • The Supreme Court's decision to hear the case could influence the trajectory of numerous Capitol riot-related prosecutions.
  • Former President Donald Trump's impending trial, along with the trials of other defendants, could be delayed depending on the court's ruling.
  • A division exists within the judiciary regarding the interpretation of the obstruction charge.
  • The outcome of this case may lead to a significant reassessment of charges and sentences for many defendants.
  • Arguments are expected in the spring, with a decision by early summer, marking a critical juncture in this extensive chapter of U.S.`

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