Supreme Court Orders Disbarment Of Lawyer For Issuing Worthless Checks

 May 26, 2024

Elerizza Libiran-Meteoro, a previously suspended lawyer, has been permanently disbarred by the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

According to CDN, the court found her guilty of issuing bouncing checks and failing to repay a loan, which they viewed as a severe breach of trust and detrimental to the banking system and public interest.

Meteoro faced charges under Batas Pambansa Blg. 22, the Bouncing Checks Law, for her actions that involved issuing checks drawn on a closed account.

This incident occurred in 2013 when she wrote postdated checks to Maliliw Lending Corp. to secure a personal loan. Her financial malfeasance came to light when these checks were returned due to insufficient funds or the fact that they were drawn from a non-existent account.

Breaking Trust: A Lawyer’s Fall From Grace

The body of legal professionals holds its members to high standards, emphasizing the necessity of abiding by the law. However, Meteoro’s actions starkly contrasted with these expectations. The court's decision underscored this breach, stating, “As a member of the Bar, Atty. Libiran-Meteoro was expected not only to know the harmful effect of issuing worthless checks and the fact that this is prohibited, but to be the first to faithfully follow the law.”

Meteoro’s lack of cooperation with financial obligations was further highlighted when William Uy, a representative from Maliliw Lending, made multiple unsuccessful attempts to contact her regarding the unpaid debt.

This non-compliance led to legal action. The Supreme Court, during an en banc session, deliberated on her case, ultimately deciding to disbar her for these unprofessional acts.

Previously, Meteoro had been suspended from practice for six months due to gross misconduct in an unrelated case. This pattern of unethical behavior led to her eventual disbarment.

The decision was promulgated on a Tuesday, details unspecified, and was followed by a press release from the Supreme Court on the following Friday.


The Integrated Bar of the Philippines initially stepped in by recommending her suspension for an additional year. They had also ordered her to reimburse Uy in the amount of P245,000 but later retracted this directive, suggesting that the repayment be sought through civil proceedings.

From the Supreme Court, "Meteoro’s issuance of worthless checks violated Batas Pambansa Blg. 22, or the Bouncing Checks Law, which put ‘valueless commercial papers in circulation’ that effectively ‘injured the banking system and hurt society and the public interest.’

Her continued refusal to pay, much less acknowledge her obligation, further shows that her acts were willful and intentional."

The disbarment serves as a stark reminder of the consequences faced by those in the legal profession who fail to uphold its standards. This outcome highlights the importance of ethical conduct and the severe implications of any deviation from these norms. The decision is a bid to maintain public trust in the legal system and to deter similar misconduct.

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