Super Bowl Champion And Former Cowboys Star Dead At 73

By Victor Winston, updated on February 24, 2024

Golden Richards, the former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver celebrated for his pivotal catch in Super Bowl XII, passed away from congestive heart failure in Murray, Utah.

Golden Richards' journey through life came to a peaceful end at his residence in Murray, Utah, a fact announced with heavy hearts by his loving family. His nephew, Lance Richards, took to social media to share the news, encapsulating the sadness of their loss and the relief that Golden's sufferings were at an end. "My uncle Golden passed away peacefully this morning," he shared, reflecting on personal moments that underscored Richards' kind nature and passion for the sport that defined much of his life.

His time on this earth was marked by athletic prowess, most notably during his tenure with the Dallas Cowboys. Drafted by the Cowboys in 1973 from Brigham Young University, Richards quickly became a key player, owing to his remarkable agility and ability to make critical catches. His most celebrated moment came in Super Bowl XII, where his touchdown catch helped seal victory for the Cowboys against the Denver Broncos, an achievement that has etched his name in the annals of sports history.

The Challenges Beyond the Field

Richards' post-football life was marked by significant battles, the most notable being his fight against Parkinson’s disease, diagnosed in 2011. This debilitating condition, along with the aftermath of four surgeries following a hip fracture in 2022, highlighted his resilience. Despite these personal health struggles, Richards' legacy on the field remained untarnished, celebrated by fans and fellow players alike, Fox News reported.

Golden's brother, Doug Richards, echoed the sentiment of loss and remembrance, speaking to the depth of Golden's fight against the health challenges that marred his later years. This poignant reflection on Golden’s resilience and the peace that his passing brings to those who knew him best underscores the complex journey of a public figure adored by many, yet vulnerable and human at his core.

Richards’ career statistics stand as a testament to his talent and dedication, with 122 catches, 2,136 yards, and 17 touchdowns across 86 career games. These numbers, while impressive, only scratch the surface of his impact on the field and in the hearts of Cowboys fans. His brief tenure with the Chicago Bears and an even shorter stint with the Denver Broncos, where a season-ending injury preempted his play, mark the winding down of what was a stellar career punctuated by moments of brilliance.

A Legacy Beyond The Field: Honoring Golden Richards

Despite the accolades and his formidable presence on the field, Richards' story is also one of human struggle, from the pinnacle of professional achievement to the battles faced in private. His life, seen in its entirety, offers a narrative of triumph and resilience, glory on the field, and courage off it.

As we look back on Golden Richards' journey, from his draft into the NFL to his iconic Super Bowl performance and through the challenges of his later years, we see a life lived with passion.

His battles, both victorious and otherwise, remind us of the enduring spirit of an athlete who, even when faced with the most formidable opponents off the field, remained a beacon of strength and determination.


Richards' legacy is multifaceted — celebrated for a career that inspired many, yet equally remembered for his courage in the face of adversity.

His story underscores the reality faced by many athletes: a life of incredible public triumphs and deeply personal battles.

As we reflect on his contributions to sports and the lessons of resilience and grace under pressure, Golden Richards' memory will undoubtedly continue to inspire both current and future generations.

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