Steven Tyler Victorious In Sexual Assault Lawsuit As Judge Dismisses Case

By Victor Winston, updated on February 22, 2024

Musician Steven Tyler finds himself at the center of a legally dismissed sexual assault case.

A legal challenge against Steven Tyler by Jeanne Bellino, alleging sexual assault in 1975, was dismissed due to statutory limitations.

Jeanne Bellino took legal action in New York against the famed musician Steven Tyler for an incident she claims happened when she was just 17 years old. This situation placed the Aerosmith frontman under a harsh spotlight, dredging up past decades.

U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled against the lawsuit proceeding further. He emphasized that the passage of time since the alleged incident bars the claim from moving forward under the Gender Motivated Violence Act's guidelines.

Judge Kaplan’s decision was predicated on the claim not presenting a "serious risk of physical injury." This criterion is essential for the two-year window of the Gender Motivated Violence Act to apply.

Legal Repercussions and Responses

Tyler's representation, lawyer David Long-Daniels, expressed satisfaction with the court's decision. They found the ruling to be in line with legal reasoning and justifiable given the circumstances.

"As they walked, Jeanne Bellino mentioned a song lyric to Tyler. This irked Tyler, who suddenly forced Bellino into a phone booth," as described in Bellino's complaint. This narrative portrays an unsolicited physical confrontation that left Bellino struggling for freedom.

While Bellino contends with the court's decision, she is given a deadline of March 13 to potentially amend and refile her complaint. This allowance offers hope for revisiting her allegations under a different legal framework.

The Allegations and Their Denial

On the other hand, Steven Tyler vehemently denies the accusations against him. His legal team stands firm in their rejection of Bellino’s narrative, marking a high-profile denial against sexual assault allegations.

It wasn't just Bellino who brought forth allegations against Tyler. Julia Mosley also filed a lawsuit in California, accusing Tyler of sexual misconduct when she was only 16. These alleged incidents paint a troubling pattern, raising questions about the musician's past interactions.

Steven Tyler's history now includes his celebrated musical legacy and these serious allegations. He has responded to the legal challenges with denials and legal defense, preparing to confront these accusations in and out of the courtroom.

The legal landscape surrounding cases of historical sexual assault is complex. While the accusations against Tyler reflect a disturbing narrative, the court's dismissal highlights the challenges victims face when coming forward years after the alleged incidents.


The dismissal of Jeanne Bellino's lawsuit against Steven Tyler concerning allegations from 1975 underscores the intricate dynamics between legal frameworks, societal reactions to assault claims, and the obstacles victims encounter when seeking redress for historical injustices. This decision opens a window for Bellino to refine her complaint, potentially reigniting legal discussions.

Tyler's staunch refutations, alongside the legal justifications provided by his counsel and the presiding judge, highlight the complexities inherent in cases of this nature, where time significantly influences the feasibility of legal recourse. This situation exemplifies the challenging journey victims face in navigating the legal system to address grievances from decades past.

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