Stephen A. Smith Believes Michelle Obama Would Defeat Trump in 2024

 May 15, 2024

According to The Hill, Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith believed that if former First Lady Michelle Obama ran for president in the 2024 election, she would defeat former President Trump.

Smith made these comments while appearing on Kevin Garnett’s podcast, KG Certified, sparking widespread media attention and speculation.

Smith remarked that Michelle Obama would "hands down" beat Trump if she were to run, asserting his confidence in her potential candidacy despite her repeated denials of any political ambitions.

Smith’s Confident Assertion on Michelle Obama’s Potential

Stephen A. Smith, a well-known sports commentator, shared his thoughts on Michelle Obama’s potential presidential run on Kevin Garnett's podcast. He strongly believes that she would be victorious over former President Trump in the 2024 election.

Smith stated:

And I think that Michelle Obama would win right now if she were to run. I think that Michelle Obama would hands down be the next president of the United States if she were to run against Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee.

However, he acknowledged that such a scenario was unlikely, noting, “Now, that obviously is not gonna happen. She doesn’t seem to have an interest.”

Michelle Obama's Repeated Denials of Political Ambitions

Michelle Obama has consistently denied any interest in running for president. Crystal Carson, the director of communication for Michelle Obama's office, reiterated in March that Obama will not run for president.

Carson emphasized, “As former First Lady Michelle Obama has expressed several times over the years, she will not be running for president.” Michelle Obama herself has stated there is "zero chance" she would run, maintaining her support for President Biden’s reelection campaign.

Despite these denials, Republicans have speculated without evidence that Obama could replace Biden on the 2024 ticket. A February poll even showed Michelle Obama as the top choice among Democrats to replace Biden.

Stephen A. Smith Addresses Rumors About His Own Presidential Ambitions

In addition to commenting on Michelle Obama, Stephen A. Smith also addressed rumors about his own potential presidential run. He dismissed the idea, expressing doubt that Americans would vote for him.

Smith’s comments on Michelle Obama have drawn significant media attention, with outlets like Mediaite highlighting his assertions about her hypothetical candidacy. The discussion on Garnett’s podcast touched on various political topics, including the likelihood of a female president if Hillary Clinton’s campaign had not been affected by the email controversy.

Smith remarked on Clinton’s near success in the 2016 election, suggesting she was very close to becoming president despite her challenges. This context underscored his belief in Michelle Obama's potential to succeed while others faced obstacles.


Stephen A. Smith’s comments on Kevin Garnett’s podcast have sparked considerable speculation and discussion. His belief that Michelle Obama would decisively beat former President Trump in the 2024 election has resonated with many, despite Obama’s repeated denials of any political ambitions. Smith’s remarks have highlighted ongoing discussions about potential candidates and the future of American politics. Michelle Obama’s support for President Biden and her firm stance against running for office have not quelled the speculation fueled by polls and political discourse.

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