Stefanik Calls Fox News Anchor a Disgrace During Heated Interview

 May 20, 2024

Elise Stefanik, the highest-ranking Republican woman in the House, had a fiery exchange on Fox News Sunday when moderator Shannon Bream questioned her loyalty to Trump.

Stefanik responded strongly, labeling the anchor a 'disgrace' as the discussion intensified. The interview highlighted Stefanik's defense of her loyalty to Trump amidst claims of past criticisms.

According to Daily Mail, Rep. Elise Stefanik appeared on Fox News Sunday, where she faced tough questions from moderator Shannon Bream regarding her past criticisms of former President Donald Trump.

Stefanik Denies Allegations of Criticizing Trump Amid VP Speculation

Bream referenced a New York Times article that alleged Stefanik had previously described Trump in unflattering terms. Stefanik vehemently denied the claims, calling them "false smears" and asserting her unwavering support for Trump.

Stefanik disputed the validity of the quotes attributed to her by the New York Times, stating, "It's a disgrace you would quote the New York Times with nameless, faceless false sources."

She emphasized that the quotes were not from her friends and labeled the accusations as false. The interview underscored her current role as a staunch ally to Trump, with her name being floated as a potential vice-presidential candidate for his 2024 campaign.

Trump Support Unwavering

Stefanik affirmed her consistent support for Trump, noting her vote for him in 2016 and the backlash she faced from Democrats because of it. "In 2016, I was attacked as the only elected Republican from the northeast who voted for President Trump," she reminded Bream. Stefanik also addressed accusations that she had called Trump "insulting" to women, clarifying that she had referred to statements leaked by Democrats as insulting but had always supported Trump.

The interview also covered Stefanik's activities in Israel, where she was addressing the Israeli Parliament. During her visit, she criticized President Joe Biden's administration, particularly regarding its stance on aid to Israel. This move broke the traditional American political norm of not criticizing domestic policies while abroad, highlighting Stefanik's strong political stance.

Stefanik Criticizes Biden Administration in Israel

In her speech to the Israeli Parliament, Stefanik did not hold back her criticism of President Biden. "There is no excuse for an American president to block aid to Israel," she stated. She emphasized the House Republican majority's strong support for Israel, contrasting it with what she described as the "weak failed leadership of Biden."

The contentious interview on Fox News Sunday came at a time when Stefanik's name is being suggested as a potential vice-presidential candidate for Trump's 2024 campaign. Her unwavering support for Trump and her outspoken criticism of Biden's policies underscore her position as a key ally in Trump's political circle. Stefanik's statements during the interview and her speech in Israel reflect her firm political stance and her readiness to defend it.

Allegations and Denials Dominate the Interview

Stefanik's interview on Fox News Sunday was marked by strong denials and pointed allegations. When confronted with names of sources in the New York Times article, Stefanik dismissed them as "false smears" and reiterated her consistent support for Trump. "As I was supportive of him then," she concluded, affirming her loyalty to Trump.

The interview also touched upon her criticism of Biden during her speech in Israel. Stefanik's remarks broke the norm of not criticizing domestic policies while abroad, reflecting her willingness to challenge political conventions. "The world needs to know that the House Republican majority stands strongly with Israel," she declared.


Rep. Elise Stefanik's interview on Fox News Sunday showcased her fierce defense of her loyalty to Trump and her readiness to refute allegations of past criticisms. Her strong statements, both during the interview and in her speech to the Israeli Parliament, highlight her commitment to her political stance. As speculation grows about her potential role as Trump's vice-presidential candidate, Stefanik positions herself as a key ally in his political circle. The interview and her actions in Israel underscore her unwavering support for Trump and her willingness to challenge the Biden administration.

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