St. Louis Principle Pleads Guilty To Hiring Hitman To Kill Pregnant Teacher

By Victor Winston, updated on March 1, 2024

In a chilling turn of events that has shaken the community of St. Louis, Missouri, Cornelius M. Green, the principal of Carr Lane Visual and Performing Arts Middle School, has admitted guilt in a sinister plot that led to the death of his pregnant girlfriend and their unborn child.

Cornelius M. Green orchestrated a murder-for-hire plot to eliminate his pregnant girlfriend, Jocelyn Peters, and their unborn daughter, revealing the dark underbelly of his personal life rife with affairs and financial misdeeds.

Cornelius M. Green, who was leading a double life filled with romantic involvements despite being married, saw his world unravel as details of his heinous acts came to light. He collaborated with Phillip J. Cutler, a friend from Oklahoma, in a callous plan to murder 30-year-old Jocelyn Peters, who was seven months pregnant with Green's child.

The murder-for-hire conspiracy and subsequent killing were carried out in March 2016, with Peters and her unborn baby found shot dead in her apartment, marking a tragic end to what was meant to be a period of joyous anticipation.

Nicholas Williams, attorney for Green, made a statement regarding his client's acknowledgment of guilt. He said, "Mr. Green understood his choices and made the one that did not compound the tragedy of this situation."

Dark Secrets and a Murderous Plot

The investigation revealed that Green had facilitated the murder by stealing money from his school to pay Cutler for the gruesome task. This premeditated act of betrayal was meticulously planned, with Green creating an alibi by traveling to Chicago as Cutler executed the murder using a crude silencer made from a potato. Upon returning, Green dialed 911, feigning ignorance of the horrific act that had transpired in his absence.

The timeline of events leading up to the murder and subsequent actions paint a macabre picture of manipulation and deceit: Peters' pregnancy announcement in 2015, followed by secretive communications between Green and Cutler, culminating in the tragic murders on March 24, 2016. Cutler’s anticipated trial starting March 11 and Green’s sentencing scheduled for June 5 serve as grim waypoints in this sorrowful narrative.

Green's actions not only robbed Peters and her unborn child of their lives but also left a community grappling with the betrayal of a trusted educator. The revelation that Green had multiple affairs and engaged in financial theft further compounds the shock and disappointment felt by those who once held him in high regard.

Legal Repercussions and Community Impact

This case has prompted an intense reaction from the St. Louis community and beyond, highlighting the devastating consequences of Green's betrayal. As the legal process unfolds with Green's guilty plea and forthcoming sentencing, many are left to ponder the depth of deceit and the value of trust in relationships of authority and care.

The forthcoming trial of Phillip J. Cutler and the sentencing of Cornelius M. Green mark significant moments in seeking justice for Jocelyn Peters and her unborn daughter. These proceedings not only signify the legal reckoning for the atrocious acts committed but also serve as a solemn reminder of the lives senselessly lost.

In conclusion, the case of Cornelius M. Green unravels a harrowing tale of love, betrayal, and the ultimate price of deception. Green's plot to murder Jocelyn Peters and their unborn child, facilitated by his extramarital affairs and theft, exposes a shocking departure from the values expected of individuals in positions of trust and authority.

As the community of St. Louis and those affected by this tragedy await justice, the memory of Peters and the final resolution of this case looms heavily, underscoring the importance of integrity and the profound impact of our choices on the lives of others.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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