‘Squid Game’ Actor O Yeong-Su Convicted Of Sexual Misconduct With Prison Sentence Looming

By Victor Winston, updated on March 15, 2024

O Yeong-Su, an acclaimed actor celebrated for his role in Netflix's hit series "Squid Game," faced the music in a South Korean court recently.

O Yeong-Su has been convicted of indulging in sexual misconduct, according to the Seongnam Branch of the Suwon District Court, for events dating back to 2017, Deadline reported.

The court’s decision did not come lightly, as it considered evidence stretching back several years. O Yeong-Su’s actions toward a woman, which involved unsolicited hugging and kissing on the cheek, were under scrutiny.

The Conviction of O Yeong-Su

Despite O Yeong-Su's defenses and justifications, the testimonies and documentation brought before the court painted a different picture.

Judge Jeong Yeon-ju provided a crucial statement on the matter.

The victim’s records of the assault and her claims were consistent … and appear to be statements that cannot be made without actually experiencing them. This led to our decision that the charges were credible and necessitated a conviction.

O Yeong-Su's responses during the trial indicated a different perception of the events. He suggested that his actions were misunderstood and that his apology was not an admission of guilt but a means to prevent further complications. He said his behavior was merely an attempt to offer guidance and friendship.

Decoding the Sentence: A Look at the Implications

The judicial outcome has been a mix of punishment and rehabilitation. O Yeong-Su's sentence ensures he will not serve immediate jail time, provided he adheres to certain conditions over two years. Furthermore, the judge mandated his participation in a sexual offender treatment program, emphasizing the rehabilitation aspect of the justice system.

This case has spotlighted O Yeong-Su's actions and raised broader discussions within the entertainment industry and beyond. The actor, with over five decades of experience and recent international acclaim, finds his reputation clouded by this judgment. His announced intention to appeal the court’s decision demonstrates the ongoing nature of this legal battle.

Women's rights groups have closely observed the case’s developments. One such group, Womenlink, supported the court's decision. They argue that the case reflects a broader issue of minimizing sexual misconduct under the guise of friendly or flavorful behavior.

A Broader Perspective on Sexual Misconduct

The timeline of events surrounding this case speaks volumes about the challenges in addressing sexual misconduct, particularly when allegations emerge years after the fact. Despite the incident occurring in 2017 and charges being laid in 2022, the court's decision in 2023 underscores the complexities involved in achieving justice.

O Yeong-Su's conviction and the subsequent public discourse remind us of the evolving understanding and intolerance toward sexual misconduct in all spheres, including highly respected industries. The entertainment world, where such behaviors have historically been brushed under the rug, is now under greater scrutiny.

As we look ahead, the broader ramifications of this case for the entertainment industry and societal norms surrounding consent and misconduct cannot be understated. The intersection of celebrity, power, and accountability presents an ongoing global challenge for legal and cultural institutions.


Esteemed actor O Yeong-Su faces a convoluted path forward after a court found him guilty of sexual misconduct, sentencing him to suspended prison time and mandating rehabilitation. This case sheds light on the ongoing battle against sexual misconduct, stirring discussions on accountability, rehabilitation, and the fine line between camaraderie and consent.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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