Special Counsel David Weiss Blasts Hunter Biden’s Request For Trump Subpoena

 December 5, 2023

In a recent legal development, Special Counsel David Weiss has strongly opposed Hunter Biden's motion to subpoena former President Donald Trump and other key figures. Weiss, in his court filing, argued that Biden's request lacks merit and evidence.

David Weiss, the Special Counsel, has contested Hunter Biden's plea to subpoena Donald Trump and other former officials, stating the request is unsupported by evidence of bias or wrongful pressure in Biden's prosecution.

Background of the Legal Battle

Hunter Biden, facing charges related to a firearm purchase and possession while addicted to a controlled substance, sought to subpoena Trump, former Attorney General Bill Barr, and two other officials from Trump's administration. Biden's defense centered on the claim that his gun crime charges were the result of a biased and vindictive Justice Department.

However, Special Counsel Weiss countered this argument in his filing. He pointed out that no charges were brought against Biden during the Trump administration when the officials in question were in power. According to Weiss, this undermines Biden's claim of bias and vindictiveness in his prosecution.

The charges against Biden have emerged during the current Biden administration, contrasting with his allegations of political motivation from the previous government.

Arguments Presented in Court Filing

David Weiss's filing highlights a significant aspect: the lack of concrete evidence provided by Hunter Biden to support his claims of bias or improper intent. Weiss emphasized that all charges against Biden were initiated or are to be initiated under the current administration, where his father, Joseph R. Biden, is the President.

This stance from Weiss suggests that the charges against Hunter Biden are not influenced by political rivalry or personal vendettas from the previous administration, as Biden's defense implies. Instead, they are being pursued under an administration led by his father.

Another key point raised by Weiss is the absence of evidence that statements from political adversaries of President Biden have improperly influenced the current administration or the Special Counsel in pursuing charges against Hunter Biden.

Legal Implications and Future Outlook

The court will now have to consider the arguments presented by both sides. Hunter Biden's defense hinges on proving that his prosecution was politically influenced, while Weiss's filing challenges this notion by pointing to the lack of evidence and the timeline of events.

The resolution of this legal dispute will have implications not just for Hunter Biden but also for the broader perception of the justice system's impartiality in politically sensitive cases.

As the case continues, the focus will be on how the court interprets the arguments presented by Hunter Biden and the response from Special Counsel Weiss.

"Not only does defendant’s motion fail to identify any actual evidence of bias, vindictiveness, or discriminatory intent on the Special Counsel’s part, his arguments ignore an inconvenient truth: No charges were brought against defendant during the prior administration when the subpoena recipients actually held office in the Executive Branch."

The Court's Role in Upholding Justice

This case presents a complex scenario where the judiciary's role in maintaining fairness and impartiality comes to the forefront. The court's decision on whether to grant Biden's subpoena request will be a significant marker in this regard.

The judiciary's handling of this case will also serve as a benchmark for how allegations of political bias are addressed in the legal system, especially in cases involving high-profile figures and politically charged accusations.

Ultimately, the court's verdict will contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the balance between legal proceedings and political considerations in the United States.


  • Hunter Biden sought to subpoena Trump and other officials, alleging biased prosecution.
  • Special Counsel David Weiss refuted these claims, highlighting the absence of evidence.
  • The charges against Biden were brought during the current Biden administration, not during Trump's tenure.
  • The court's decision on the subpoena request will be a critical moment in this legal dispute.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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