Speaker Johnson Targeting Hunter in Latest Subpoena

By Victor Winston, updated on October 31, 2023

The Biden family faces increasing scrutiny as allegations of misconduct come to light.

Newly-appointed House Speaker Mike Johnson emphasized the importance of adhering to the Constitution and the rule of law.

He expressed his commitment to ensuring that the impeachment inquiry into President Biden is conducted without any political bias.

Johnson's Commitment to Transparency and Truth

Johnson conveyed his dedication to transparency, stating his eagerness to share the findings with the American public in the coming weeks.

He emphasized the need to let the evidence speak for itself, rather than being influenced by political agendas.

When asked about the possibility of subpoenaing Hunter Biden, Johnson indicated that the option was under consideration.

However, he clarified that a final decision had not been reached. Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had previously hinted at the same, suggesting that the timing needed to be right.

McCarthy highlighted the importance of strategy in the investigation. He emphasized the need to base actions on facts rather than external pressures. He also mentioned the significance of bank records in guiding the inquiry's direction.

Scrutiny Around the Biden Family's Business Dealings

Both Hunter Biden and his father, President Joe Biden, are under the lens for alleged questionable business practices, Fox News reported.

Johnson reiterated the commitment of House Republicans to uncover the truth. He expressed his belief that the evidence gathered so far might confirm some of the worst suspicions.

Johnson quoted Jamie Comer, emphasizing the reliability of bank records as evidence. He suggested that the evidence they already possess is helping connect the dots in the investigation.

Further, Johnson touched upon other significant issues during his discussion. He spoke about support for Israel, the rise of antisemitism on U.S. college campuses, and government spending concerns.

Discussion on Government Spending and Budget

Johnson highlighted the upcoming November 17 budget deadline. He expressed his openness to a short-term stopgap funding measure that would extend until January 15. He believes this would help navigate the end-of-year pressures and avoid rushed decisions.

He criticized the Senate's tendency to pressure the House into accepting omnibus spending bills. Johnson expressed his preference for single-subject bills and separate appropriations bills.

He believes that extending the funding measure into January would aid in this approach.


  • House Speaker Mike Johnson emphasizes the importance of a fair and unbiased impeachment inquiry into President Biden.
  • The possibility of subpoenaing Hunter Biden is under consideration, with the timing being a crucial factor.
  • Bank records are playing a pivotal role in guiding the direction of the investigation.
  • Johnson discusses other significant issues, including support for Israel, antisemitism on college campuses, and government spending concerns.
  • There's a push for a short-term stopgap funding measure to navigate end-of-year budget pressures.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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