Speaker Johnson Says Biden Bill ‘Dead On Arrival’

 January 27, 2024

The contention revolves around a bipartisan bill, combining border security reforms and aid to Ukraine, which faces staunch opposition from House Republicans.

President Joe Biden, in a recent statement, emphasized the importance of the bipartisan Senate negotiations concerning this bill. He highlighted its significance in providing "toughest and fairest" border security measures. Biden's support for the bill is rooted in its capacity to grant him emergency authority to close the border under overwhelming circumstances. This authority, he asserts, would be exercised immediately upon the bill's enactment.

However, House Speaker Mike Johnson has vehemently opposed the bill. He has expressed concerns that the legislation, as rumored, is inadequate in addressing the surge in illegal immigration. Johnson's stance is clear: any bill perceived as insufficient in tackling this issue will find no support in the Republican-controlled House.

The bill's significance extends beyond border security. It aims to unlock a substantial $60 billion in aid for Ukraine. This aid is part of a larger funding request by the Biden administration, which includes over $100 billion, with $14 billion earmarked for border concerns. The administration's request covers additional resources such as more Border Patrol agents, immigration judges, and asylum officers.

House Republicans Firm on Immigration Policy

In a letter to Senate colleagues, Speaker Johnson was explicit about the House's position, Breitbart reported.

He warned that the bill, as it stands, would be "dead on arrival" if it reaches the House. Johnson's letter was a response to the ongoing negotiations in the Senate and reflects the deep divisions within Congress on immigration and border security.

Speaker Johnson has been particularly vocal about his party's stance on immigration. He reiterated that House Republicans would firmly oppose any policy proposal that, in their view, could incentivize illegal immigration. This resistance is indicative of the broader political divide that permeates discussions on border security and immigration reform.

Biden's Appeal for Bipartisanship

The debate over this bill is set against a backdrop of a months-long negotiation process.

Since October 2022, bipartisan lawmakers have been working to find a middle ground. The challenge lies in balancing the Biden administration's requests with Republican demands for stricter controls on migrant releases.

The Biden administration, through its October funding request, seeks to strengthen border security infrastructure. This includes a substantial increase in resources for the Border Patrol, immigration judges, and other crucial personnel. The administration's push for this funding highlights the urgency of addressing the challenges at the border.

In his statement, Biden called for lawmakers to consider the October funding requests. He emphasized the need for more Border Patrol agents, immigration judges, asylum officers, and inspection machines. This request is part of the broader effort to address the complexities of border security and immigration.


The negotiations and contrasting positions reflect a complex political landscape.

They underscore the challenges in achieving bipartisan agreement on issues as contentious as border security and immigration policy.

As the debate continues, the fate of the bill, along with the crucial aid to Ukraine, hangs in the balance.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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