South Carolina Abandons Nikki Haley Ahead Of Primary

 January 26, 2024

In a bid to revive her presidential campaign, Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina and a current presidential candidate, returned to her home state for a crucial rally. Haley's campaign is at a crossroads after less-than-stellar performances in the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary.

Returning to South Carolina, Haley faces significant challenges, lagging in polls and lacking broad political support in a state she once led.

Haley's Uphill Battle in South Carolina

Haley, who finished third in Iowa and second in New Hampshire, trails significantly in her home state's polls. She is polling 30 points behind the front-runner, former President Donald Trump, in South Carolina. South Carolina's Republican leadership, which once rallied behind Haley, has largely shifted its support to Trump. This shift was exemplified when Senator Tim Scott, a prominent South Carolina politician, endorsed Trump over Haley.

In her rally in North Charleston, Haley asked her supporters to amplify their efforts. She encouraged them to distribute yard signs and persuade at least ten people each to vote for her. This plea underscores her grassroots approach in a state known for its decisive political battles.

Despite these challenges, Haley's political history in South Carolina is marked by come-from-behind victories. In her first gubernatorial run in 2004, she defeated the state's longest-serving legislator in the GOP primary runoff. Again, in 2010, Haley won the GOP nomination for governor after a late surge, showcasing her ability to overcome early setbacks.

Haley's Struggle in the Presidential Race

However, the stakes in a presidential race are vastly different from state politics. This sentiment is echoed by Representative Ralph Norman, Haley's sole congressional endorser, who remarked, "Different office. Different day." This comment reflects the increased complexity and challenge of a national campaign compared to local or state politics.

Norman also mentioned receiving calls from Republicans urging Haley to drop out of the race. This internal pressure within the GOP adds to the already uphill battle Haley faces in her presidential bid. Despite these calls, Haley remains determined to continue her campaign, highlighting the resilience that has defined her political career.

Pat Pope, a staunch supporter of Haley, expressed disappointment at the lack of support for her. "It bothers me that she did a lot of things for people, and they’ve all turned their backs on her," said Pope, capturing the sentiment of many Haley loyalists who feel let down by the current political dynamics.

Endorsements and Campaign Strategies

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign has been bolstering its position in South Carolina. In the past two weeks alone, it has secured 50 endorsements from current and former South Carolina GOP officials, a clear indication of Trump's strong footing in the state.

Despite these obstacles, Haley remains optimistic. She told her supporters, "We’ve got 48 more [states]. Donald Trump has 32 [delegates], and I have 17. So we are not going to sit there and just give up." This determination reflects Haley's fighting spirit, a hallmark of her political journey.

A pro-Haley super PAC is also gearing up to support her with mail, digital, and grassroots campaigns ahead of the South Carolina primary. Mark Harris, a strategist for the super PAC, believes in Haley's potential, noting her experience in the "bare-knuckle arena that is South Carolina politics."

Haley's appeal to her supporters at the rally in North Charleston was heartfelt. "You have been with me before. Join me again. One last time," she implored, seeking to reignite the passion and support that propelled her past victories.


Nikki Haley, facing challenges in her presidential campaign, returns to South Carolina, trailing significantly behind Donald Trump in the polls and lacking widespread political support in her home state.

Despite her previous come-from-behind victories in state politics, Haley's current presidential bid faces skepticism, even her sole congressional endorser acknowledging the different challenges of a national campaign. Internal GOP pressure and a shift in support towards Trump, highlighted by Senator Tim Scott's endorsement, add to her difficulties.

Yet, Haley remains resilient, urging supporters to intensify their grassroots efforts and expressing determination to continue her campaign. A pro-Haley super PAC is ramping up support, but the former governor's path to success in the presidential race remains steep and uncertain.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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