Senator Ted Cruz Drops Truth Bomb on Biden Administration

 May 27, 2024

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) just said the very uncomfortable part out loud regarding Joe Biden and Democrats and minorities in this country.

Cruz addressed how Dems have and continue to take the minority vote for granted.

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Recent History of Minority Voting in General Election

The last decade or so has been very interesting in terms of how minorities vote in this country. Typically, Democrats win about 90% of the black vote and are usually more than 60% of other minority groups in a general election. The 2016 election would test that, with Hillary Clinton having more than her fair share of awkward moments with minorities and Donald Trump, who Dems painted as a racist from day one.

Democrats took a hit in minority groups, but not as much as I honestly thought they would. The messaging by Democrats clearly impacted this, as Hillary was able to overcome some blatantly racist comments and actions in her past to still net 89% of the black vote, compared to 93% when Obama won in 2012. Where Obama won 71% and 73% of the Hispanic and Asian vote, respectively, we did start to see more of an impact here, with Hillary only winning 66% and 65%, respectively.

That mild trend continued when Biden faced off against Trump. Once again, Democrats portrayed Trump as a racist, but the reality was that minority groups flourished when Trump was in office, as well as Trump initiating some legislation that was focused on these demographics. To that point, for the first time in years, the GOP hit double-digit support among black voters, winning 12% of the vote, with Biden slipping down to 87%. The most significant inroads, however, were among Hispanic and Asian voters, where Biden dipped to 65% and 61%, respectively, with Trump climbing over 30% for the GOP.

Cruz Drops Truth Bomb on Biden and Democrats

With all of the progress that Trump made among these groups, it is quite easy to understand how Trump was so frustrated over the loss in the 2020 election. These were big swings among minority groups, swings that now appear to be far more dramatic as we head into 2024. Biden now has only a 55% approval rating among black voters and a 32% and 42% approval rating among Hispanic and Asian voters, respectively. That does not mean they will vote for Trump, but these groups are clearly getting frustrated.

As I have stated many times, Dems have used minority voters, more specifically black voters, as props for decades. They throw out carrots, like reparations, when they do not intend actually to pay them. They also flood minority neighborhoods, promising them the world, then disappear for another four years until the next election. All the while, they portray the GOP as racists, more or less telling minority communities that if they want to stay safe and not be oppressed, the Democrat ticket is the only real choice. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) addressed this, stating:

“The Democratic Party’s history on race is terrible, and Joe Biden is right in the middle of it. It was Democrats who founded the Ku Klux Klan. It was Democrats wrote the Jim Crow laws. The Democratic Party was built on racism. By the way, as a Republican, the first Republican president was Abraham Lincoln.

“Our party was literally founded to defeat slavery, we succeeded in it, and Democrats have engaged in naked race-baiting. They try to divide us on race. They try to scare the African-American community with unfounded lies.”

Cruz then pointed to the ties of Joe Biden to racist Democrats that formerly held office, adding:

“Now, mind you, at the same time, Joe Biden is doing everything he can to trap young African-American kids and Hispanic kids in failing schools because Joe Biden opposes school choice.

“He is bought for and paid for by the teachers unions. And you know what? The lie that media says is, well, yes, OK, Democrats were racists for a hundred years, but magically they transformed. Well, as you and I know, Robert Byrd, the senator, was Senate Majority Leader, a Democrat was exalted cyclops in the Ku Klux Klan, and Joe Biden gave a eulogy for him.”

Then came the bombshell by Cruz, making a point that I have stated here many times:

“Now I’ve got to see if you are giving eulogies for Klansmen, you are not exactly on the moral high ground when it comes to race, but remember, Biden on race is just going to hypocritically abuse — remember when he said running against Trump, he said if you’re not voting for Biden, you ain’t black.

“He does not think African-Americans or, for that matter, Hispanics or women or young people, anyone can think for themselves. He wants everyone instead to just be captive to the power of the Democrat Party.”


I believe we are going to see some pretty dramatic swings in the upcoming election. I have never seen frustration like I do today among minorities. They are seeing the bait and switch, they are seeing blacks and other minorities ridiculed by Democrats, and it is really opening up their eyes to the game that Democrats play during an election. Most importantly, however, they now have a frame of reference between how they were financially doing under Trump and how they are doing under Biden, and suddenly, they are realizing that Democrats are simply not delivering for them., nor are they telling them the truth.

About Jerry McConway

Jerry McConway is an independent political author and investigator who lives in Dallas, Texas. He has spent years building a strong following of readers who know that he will write what he believes is true, even if it means criticizing politicians his followers support. His readers have come to expect his integrity.

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