Senator Mullin: Dems Willing To Convict Biden If Case Is Solid

 December 17, 2023

Senator Mullin claims that at least five Democrats are willing to convict Biden if the case is solid.

An impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden has been launched by the House, centering on allegations of misconduct involving his family and foreign ties. The inquiry focuses on the President's alleged misuse of office for personal gain, specifically related to his son Hunter Biden's overseas business dealings.

The House's decision grants it access to previously withheld records from the White House and the Biden family. This step is seen as critical in uncovering the depth of the alleged misconduct. The inquiry stems from accusations that President Biden may have leveraged his position to benefit his family, particularly in connection with Hunter Biden's international business ventures.

Democratic Senators' Stance on Impeachment

For the impeachment to lead to a conviction, it requires a 2/3 majority in the Senate. This threshold necessitates support from some Democratic senators. In an unprecedented turn, at least five moderate Democratic senators have indicated a readiness to consider conviction. However, their support hinges on the House presenting incontrovertible evidence of illegal acts by the President.

These senators, whose identities remain confidential, have previously often voted in opposition to the administration's policies, Newsweek reported.

Their potential shift signals a significant moment in the impeachment proceedings, reflecting the gravity of the accusations and the weight of evidence required to sway their decision.

"When you talk to some more moderate-leaning senators, they will tell you that if the House sends over an airtight case that completely points to the president, breaking the law, treason, misdemeanors, high crimes, they would try it just like they would any other case," a source close to the Senate revealed.

Investigation into Hunter Biden's Deals

The inquiry delves into Hunter Biden's overseas business deals and the alleged involvement of President Biden. The Justice Department has been reluctant to provide certain records requested by previous investigations. However, the formal initiation of the impeachment inquiry compels the release of these critical documents.

There is growing scrutiny over whether President Biden used his office to secure advantages or favors about his son's business dealings. These allegations, if proven, could have far-reaching implications for the President and his administration.

Senator Mullin commented, "Now they're starting to say that Joe Biden didn't do anything wrong, They're saying that that that Hunter Biden's business deals aren't attached to President Biden when we know there were over 50 shell companies, and there are numerous bank records that we've been able to get from Hunter Biden."

The Challenge of Convicting a President

Convicting a sitting president is a monumental task, with the bar set exceedingly high. The Senate's role in this process is not just a matter of casting votes but involves a thorough examination of the evidence and legal considerations. This emphasizes the seriousness with which the Senate approaches its constitutional responsibilities in impeachment proceedings.

Notably, the five Democratic senators open to conviction have stressed the importance of the House presenting a solid case. They seek clear and convincing evidence of wrongdoing that would justify such a drastic measure as the impeachment of a President.

As one senator anonymously noted, "One thing that we've asked for during this impeachment inquiry is that the House will send us a solid case."

Complexity of Legal and Political Implications

The legal and political ramifications of the impeachment are complex. The allegations against President Biden and his family have stirred significant controversy, reflecting the deep divisions within the political landscape. The nature of the accusations – involving international business dealings and potential misuse of presidential power – adds layers of complexity to the inquiry.

Moreover, the process of impeachment is not solely about legalities but also encompasses political judgment. The Senate's role is not just to assess the legal merit of the charges but also to consider the broader implications for governance and public trust.

Reflecting on the challenges, a senator remarked, "The bar is real high, What he did in between the two may not be impeachable."

Conclusion and Call to Action

In summary, the House has initiated an impeachment inquiry into President Biden, focusing on alleged misconduct connected to his family's foreign business dealings. Key aspects of this evolving story include:

  • The House's access to new records linked to the allegations.
  • At least five moderate Democratic senators are open to conviction, contingent on a compelling case from the House.
  • The inquiry's focus is on Hunter Biden's business dealings and potential connections to the President.
  • The challenge of garnering a 2/3 majority in the Senate for conviction, necessitates bipartisan support.

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