Senator Marco Rubio Confirms Trump VP Rumors

By Victor Winston, updated on March 22, 2024

In a surprising turn of events, Florida Senator Marco Rubio publicly expresses interest in being Donald Trump's vice president.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has indicated his willingness to accept the vice-presidential nomination if offered by former President Donald Trump, amidst speculation and rumor but no official confirmation from Trump’s campaign, Fox News reported.

Rubio, a key figure in American politics and a Republican senator since 2011, shared his thoughts on possibly joining Trump's ticket. "It would be an honor to serve,” Rubio stated, emphasizing the privileged nature of such an opportunity. His desire to serve the nation in this capacity highlights his commitment to the country's future and governance.

Rubio's Stance on Vice Presidency

In a political climate brimming with rumors and speculations, Rubio’s openness adds an intriguing layer to the discussions surrounding Trump's potential running mates.

"If anybody has been offered the chance to be vice president, they should consider that an honor and an incredible opportunity to serve our country," Rubio elaborated. His remarks project a sense of duty and reverence towards the role of vice president, underscoring the weight it carries in shaping national policies and the direction of the United States.

As Rubio addressed his current relationship with Trump and the path that led here, he reminisced on their journey from competitors to collaborators. "We’ve had a great working relationship — we ran against each other so at one point we were competitors — but since 2016, especially when he was president, we worked well together."

A Relationship Built Over Time

The dynamic between Rubio and Trump has evolved significantly since the 2016 Republican primaries. Their relationship has matured from fierce competitors to allies, fostering a collaboration that benefitted both during Trump's presidency. This transition from rivals to partners illustrates the fluid nature of political alliances and the potential for growth and unity within the party.

Despite the burgeoning rumors, Rubio maintained that no one had approached him from Trump's campaign regarding the vice-presidential slot. His clarification came in response to ongoing speculations, affirming that conversations regarding such a significant political move had not occurred.

The Landscape of Speculation and Reality

Speculation about Rubio's potential candidacy for vice president has drawn attention to the qualities and experiences that make him a candidate worth considering. However, the fact that Rubio was not mentioned in Trump's previously disclosed shortlist, which includes notable figures like Gov. Ron DeSantis and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, adds a layer of unpredictability to the unfolding political drama.

Rubio also took the opportunity to quash rumors about his aspirations within the party's leadership hierarchy. "No, I have never talked to anyone about running for leader, either. That’s something I’ve never been interested in doing." His focus remains on serving the nation, whether through his senatorial duties or potentially as vice president.


Florida Senator Marco Rubio's expression of interest in serving as Donald Trump’s vice president marks another intriguing chapter in the political landscape ahead of the next presidential election.

Despite no official communication from Trump’s campaign and Rubio’s exclusion from the initial shortlist, this development stirs the pot of speculation about the Republican ticket. Rubio's commitment to the country, combined with his acknowledgment of the honor of such a position, underscores the significant role of the vice presidency in America's governance.

As the political arena awaits further developments, Rubio's remarks remind us of the evolving nature of political dynamics and the unexpected turns that can emerge on the road to the White House.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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