Senator Josh Hawley Says DOJ Should Invoke 25th Amendment Over Biden Decline

 February 9, 2024

In a remarkable twist in American politics, the Justice Department's Special Counsel, Robert Hur, concluded an extensive investigation into President Joe Biden's handling of classified documents without recommending criminal charges, sparking a heated debate across the political spectrum.

Special Counsel Robert Hur's investigation into President Joe Biden's handling of classified documents concluded without recommending criminal charges, citing the president's mental state as a significant factor.

Senator Josh Hawley, a staunch critic of the decision, swiftly condemned Attorney General Merrick Garland for his apparent reluctance to take more decisive action against President Biden. This decision has intensified discussions around the application of justice and raised questions about the potential use of the 25th Amendment to assess the president's ability to serve.

Senator Voices Concern Over Justice Department's Decision

Given the sensitive nature of the investigation's findings, many were surprised by Hur's rationale. It was noted that proving the "willfulness" required for such serious charges would be challenging, especially considering questions surrounding President Biden's mental acuity. Robert Hur's report described President Biden as a figure who, despite his intentions, struggled significantly with memory lapses – a detail that critics have not overlooked.

Senator Josh Hawley expressed his disapproval loudly, suggesting that Attorney General Merrick Garland must consider more drastic measures if criminal charges are off the table. According to Hawley, Garland faces a clear choice: either proceed with charges against the president or consult with the cabinet about invoking the 25th Amendment due to competency concerns.

Hawley articulated his perspective in no uncertain terms:

I'm calling on [Garland] publicly now to do what I think is required under the law in the Constitution . . . either charge the president or he will go to the cabinet and tell them, ‘I believe we have to invoke the 25th Amendment.’ He's got to do one or the other. If he doesn't, it will just confirm what everybody thinks, which is that there are two tiers of justice and that Garland himself is completely complicit in the corruption of this administration.

Concerns Over Potential Legal Double Standards

This situation has inevitably drawn comparisons between President Biden and former President Donald Trump, particularly for how similar cases have been handled by justice officials. Supporters of the president argue that every case should be judged on its own merits, while critics, like Senator Hawley, see a glaring double standard in the treatment of Biden.

In defense, President Biden has staunchly defended his cognitive abilities and his achievements in office. Remarking on the investigation, President Biden asserted his memory remains intact and dismissed the recommendation, underscoring his effectiveness as a leader.

Broader Implications for American Politics

The discussion has extended beyond the specifics of the classified documents case to broader concerns about the integrity of the justice system and the mechanisms in place to ensure a president's fitness for office. Representative Claudia Tenney's written expression of alarm over the investigation’s conclusions and its rationale underscores the seriousness with which some are viewing the situation.

The scrutiny of President Biden's handling of classified documents has brought to light questions about legal standards and memory woes and the intricate balance of justice and political accountability in the United States.

The Hur investigation’s end marks another chapter in the ongoing dialogue about leadership, justice, and the standards to which high-ranking officials are held. Critics and supporters of the president alike will continue to scrutinize the decision not to recommend charges, its rationale, and its implications for American democracy.

Summing it up

The decision by Special Counsel Robert Hur not to recommend criminal charges against President Joe Biden for mishandling classified documents, citing concerns over his mental state, has ignited a fierce debate. Senator Josh Hawley's call for potentially invoking the 25th Amendment and the broader ramifications of this case highlights the complex interplay between justice, mental fitness for office, and political accountability. As this story unfolds, it underscores enduring questions about leadership and the pursuit of justice in America's highest offices.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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