Senator Chris Murphy Says Biden Charges 'Legally Justified”

 December 11, 2023

Amid swirling legal challenges, Senator Chris Murphy has spoken out.

Senator Murphy has affirmed the legality of recent charges against Hunter Biden, marking a continuation of the Biden family's legal saga.

Legal Troubles Deepen for Hunter Biden

The recent legal developments for Hunter Biden have cast a new spotlight on the President's son. With nine new tax-related accusations against him, the gravity of his situation seems to have intensified. These allegations consist of both misdemeanors and felonies, all rooted in tax fraud claims.

Before these charges, Hunter was already navigating a troubled legal landscape with previous tax-related misdemeanors and complications concerning firearm charge negotiations.

Amidst the legal developments surrounding Hunter Biden, Senator Murphy emphasized the legal consequences Hunter would face if found guilty. He assured that the public would witness the entire legal process unfold.

"I think this is a very troubled individual who has done things that are worthy of prosecution. Hunter Biden is going to be held accountable in court for any violations of the law he's committed."

The Integrity of the Legal System Emphasized

Senator Murphy has stressed that Hunter Biden's legal predicaments are separate from his father's political career. He pointed out that Hunter Biden is not a contender in the upcoming Presidential election, a fact that he believes should be apparent to the American electorate. The distinction is crucial as it underscores the separation of personal legal issues from political campaigning.

During the NBC News's Meet the Press interview, the conversation also steered towards the Trump family, with Senator Murphy criticizing their alleged profiting from Donald Trump's presidency.

He cited Jared Kushner's business ventures in Saudi Arabia as an example, illustrating a broader concern about ethics in politics.

A Contrast in Governance Foreseen

Senator Murphy presented a vision of the potential consequences of the upcoming Presidential election. He raised concerns about policies that could be enacted under another Trump administration, such as the criminalization of abortion and benefits for the wealthy. His stance reflects a broader debate on the direction of national policy.

Senator Murphy also commended President Biden's efforts to revive the United States economy. Despite public disapproval of the current economic climate, Murphy expressed support for the administration's economic strategies.


Senator Murphy reiterated that Hunter Biden will face legal consequences for any wrongdoing and that the public will witness the process. He believes the American people will recognize the difference between the two candidates and choose wisely in the 2024 election.

  • Senator Chris Murphy comments on Hunter Biden's legal issues, calling them "legally justified."
  • Hunter Biden faces nine new charges related to tax fraud, adding to his existing legal troubles.
  • Murphy criticizes the Trump family's business practices, particularly Jared Kushner's dealings with Saudi Arabia.
  • The senator expresses confidence in the difference the American public will see between Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the 2024 election.
  • Murphy warns of the potential consequences of another Trump administration, including criminalizing abortion and favoring the wealthy.
  • Despite public disapproval, Murphy praises President Biden's efforts in economic recovery.

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