Search Continues For Two Americans Missing In Greek Islands Amid Heat Wave

 June 15, 2024

The idyllic serenity of Greece's islands has been disrupted by unsettling news involving two American tourists.

Authorities in Greece are intensifying their efforts to locate a missing American tourist on Mathraki Island as worries mount due to a similar case on Amorgos, ABC News reported.

A missing person case unfolds on a remote island in the Diapontia archipelago. The unidentified American was last seen at a local tavern on Mathraki Island. He had been staying with a Greek American friend, who reported his disappearance after finding their accommodation open and electrical appliances running.

The disappearance occurred during harsh weather conditions and an intense heat wave, complicating the search. Officers from Corfu had to step in due to the lack of local police on Mathraki, where only 40 to 50 residents live in the off-season. The search faced interruptions due to bad weather but was set to resume promptly.

Eerie Similarity With Another Disappearance On Amorgos

Adding urgency is another case involving Eric Albert Calibet, who went missing on Amorgos. Calibet, 59, a former Los Angeles Sheriff's deputy, was last seen hiking. Fellow hikers reported seeing him at 11 a.m. on the same Tuesday the Mathraki tourist disappeared.

A friend told the Hellenic Police about Calibet's familiarity with the terrain, deepening the mystery of his absence. With temperatures in Greece soaring past 100 degrees, the risk for both missing Americans has increased, adding peril with each passing day.

Challenges in Coordinating Search Efforts on Remote Islands

Investigators and local officials face pressure as they coordinate the searches. The lack of law enforcement on smaller islands like Mathraki complicates their efforts. Local officials explained that the island's population swells with tourists, particularly Greek Americans, during summer, complicating search operations.

The friend who last saw the missing tourist on Mathraki described the situation upon realizing the disappearance. The tourist's ID and travel documents were missing, providing an essential but perplexing clue for investigators.

Community and International Attention Amid Search Operations

A Hellenic Police investigator expressed concerns about the missing persons' welfare given the heatwave and logistical challenges. Calibet's history as a former law enforcement officer was initially seen as helpful, but his prolonged absence has escalated concerns.

Despite the worry, community efforts unite residents and authorities on both islands to find answers. Eric Albert Calibet's friend detailed the situation:

Eric knew the hiking paths well, making his disappearance startling. He left in good spirits that morning, which adds to the mystery.

These incidents capture the attention of Greece and the international community, highlighting the unpredictable nature of traveling in remote and rugged terrains. As searches continue, there is a hopeful yet tense wait for positive news about the two Americans.

As the search for the two Americans continues, many hope for their safe return. Logistics, weather, and the harsh environment play significant roles in both cases. With resumed searches, there is anticipation of breakthroughs to bring closure to these disappearances.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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