Scottie Scheffler's Lawyer Says Golfer Has Grounds For Lawsuit But Wants To Move On

 May 30, 2024

The World No. 1 golfer was arrested on charges of assaulting a police officer with his vehicle, but all charges were dropped after a review of the evidence.

According to Daily Mail, Scottie Scheffler was arrested at the PGA Championship for allegedly assaulting a police officer with his vehicle. The incident took place on May 17 as Scheffler approached the Valhalla Golf Course.

Surveillance Video Clears Scottie Scheffler

The arrest stemmed from claims by Detective Bryan Gillis, who accused Scheffler of dragging the officer to the ground. However, the situation began to change as surveillance video was reviewed, failing to support the officer's claims. The footage showed that Scheffler admitted to being 'impatient' and acknowledged that he 'should have stopped.'

Jefferson County Attorney Mike O'Connell announced that the evidence suggested the incident was a misunderstanding. O'Connell stated that his office could not proceed with the prosecution due to the lack of supporting evidence, leading to the dismissal of the charges.

Scottie Scheffler's Attorney Criticizes Police Handling

Attorney Steve Romines, representing Scheffler, strongly criticized the police's handling of the arrest. Romines argued that the interrogation tactics used by the officers were inappropriate and aimed at incriminating his client.

He emphasized that Scheffler wanted to explain what happened but was met with leading questions intended to force a confession. Romines highlighted the significance of the surveillance video in clearing Scheffler's name. He pointed out that the more evidence surfaced, the clearer it became that Scheffler was not at fault.

"There are absolutely grounds for a lawsuit, but he doesn't want to be involved in it. Scottie Scheffler wants to move on from it," Romines stated, expressing Scheffler's desire to put the incident behind him.

Police Officer Reprimanded for Body Camera Inaction

The arresting officer, Detective Bryan Gillis, faced repercussions for his actions during the incident. Gillis was reprimanded for not activating his body camera, a crucial aspect of police procedure. This failure to follow protocol added to the controversy surrounding the arrest.

Louisville Metro Police Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel addressed the issue, emphasizing the importance of respecting the legal process. She acknowledged that the situation highlighted the need for proper evidence and adherence to procedures during such incidents.

The court hearing to dismiss the charges against Scheffler lasted less than ten minutes. This swift resolution underscored the lack of substantial evidence to support the claims made against the golfer.

Impact on Scottie Scheffler's Career and Reputation

Despite the legal troubles, Scheffler remains focused on his career and is determined to move past the incident. His attorney, Steve Romines, has been vocal about Scheffler's intention to leave the ordeal behind and continue with his professional endeavors.

Romines stated, "The more evidence that comes out, the more it shows that Scottie was a victim here. And I think everybody sees something like this happen and realizes they're one wrong turn away from going to jail themselves."


Scottie Scheffler's arrest on charges of assaulting a police officer with his vehicle turned out to be a case of misunderstanding, with the charges ultimately dropped due to lack of evidence. Surveillance video played a crucial role in clearing Scheffler's name and highlighting issues with the police's handling of the situation. Detective Bryan Gillis faced reprimand for not activating his body camera, adding to the controversy. Scheffler's attorney, Steve Romines, criticized the police's interrogation tactics and emphasized Scheffler's desire to move on from the incident.

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