Schumer Claims Trump Is Disqualified From Being President

 March 9, 2024

Chuck Schumer articulated his apprehensions regarding Trump's admiration for authoritarian figures, particularly Russian President Vladimir Putin, arguing it undermines the qualifications for presidential leadership. Specifically, pointing out that Trump should've been disqualified.

According to Breitbart, Schumer's comments, made during an appearance on ABC’s “The View,” underscore a deep concern within certain political circles about the directions of American diplomacy and leadership.

Schumer, a senior figure in the U.S. Senate, highlighted his recent visit to Ukraine, where he witnessed firsthand the resilience of President Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian populace amidst conflict. The contrast between the valor observed in Ukraine and Trump's dismissive attitude toward the threats posed by leaders like Putin forms a core part of Schumer's critique. In his view, the respect and admiration Trump has shown for Putin not only misrepresents the nature of the threat but also potentially endangers longstanding international relationships and principles upheld by the United States.

Concerns Over Geopolitical Stability and U.S. Foreign Relations

During his television appearance, Schumer painted a grim picture of the potential consequences flowing from Trump's foreign policy stance. The senator expressed his worry over the broader implications of Trump's admiration for dictators, particularly in terms of how it might alienate U.S. allies and embolden other authoritarian regimes across the globe, such as those in China, North Korea, and Iran. This stance, according to Schumer, diverges significantly from the approaches of historical Republican leaders like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, who recognized the dangers posed by such dictators.

Schumer offered a detailed critique of Trump's views on Putin, specifically highlighting the discrepancy between Trump's perceptions and the stark reality of Putin's autocratic rule. He stressed the importance of acknowledging the threats posed by leaders like Putin to maintain the integrity and safety of both the U.S. and its allies.

Chuck Schumer elaborated on his concerns, stating, "Putin is a threat. Look, there’s no doubt about it. You know, I was just in Ukraine, by the way, and I saw the bravery of Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people. They are just fighting as hard as they can for a country they love. They’re beautiful. When Trump says Putin is not a danger to our society, that sends shivers down my spine. This is a cruel autocrat. That’s why we’re finding even Republicans who have been traditional Republicans, Ronald Reagan would never have said Putin isn’t a danger. George W. Bush would never have said Putin isn’t a danger, you’re finding a good chunk of Republicans, even in these primaries, who don’t want to vote for Trump because they realize that he doesn’t see the danger of these horrible, brutal dictators. By the way, when Trump sucks up to a dictator, our allies get worried and don’t want to be so close to us. Other dictators, China, North Korea, and Iran then think they can take advantage too. It’ll be a nightmare."

The Unprecedented Criticism from a Leading Senator

The broader implications of Trump's approach, according to Schumer, create a precarious situation not just for the United States, but for the global order.

The senator's comments reflect not just a critique of Trump as a figure but highlight a broader concern about the philosophy guiding U.S. foreign policy in recent years. Schumer's stark warning about the consequences of embracing such a perspective underscores the depth of his concern for the direction the country and its leadership might be taking.

In concluding his remarks, Schumer reiterated his belief that Donald Trump's actions and statements regarding authoritarian leaders like Putin disqualify him from the presidency. This conclusion is drawn not just from Trump's public statements, but from the underlying attitudes those statements reveal about his approach to leadership, diplomacy, and the global challenges that face the United States and its allies.


Schumer’s discourse on ABC’s “The View” underscores a critical divide in American politics and policy, particularly concerning the country's stance towards authoritarian regimes and its broader foreign policy philosophy.

His concern about Trump’s admiration for dictators like Putin contrasted with his praise for the bravery of the Ukrainian people, captures a moment of significant tension in the geopolitical landscape.

Schumer's reflections bring to the fore the grave implications such stances have, not just domestically, but on the international stage, potentially affecting U.S. relations with allies and emboldening authoritarian regimes around the world.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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