Russell Crowe Reveals He’s Related To Last Man Beheaded In UK

 January 4, 2024

In a startling personal discovery, actor Russell Crowe has unearthed his lineage, tracing back to a notorious figure in British history. This revelation connects the Hollywood star to a chapter of the past that intertwines nobility, rebellion, and a dramatic end.

Russell Crowe, the renowned actor, recently uncovered that he is a descendant of Simon Fraser, the 11th Lord Lovat, famously known as the last man to be beheaded in the United Kingdom.

The 11th Lord Lovat Simon Fraser met a dramatic fate in 1747. He was executed for high treason in England at the age of 80. His crime? Supporting Charles Edward Stuart's failed bid for the British throne two years prior. This historical figure, often referred to as the 'Old Fox,' is known for his defiant demeanor, reportedly laughing on his way to execution, giving birth to the phrase "laughing his head off."

From Scotland to New Zealand: Crowe's Diverse Heritage

Russell Crowe shared these fascinating details of his ancestry in a post on X, a social media platform. In his message, he delved into the complexities of his family tree, revealing connections that span continents and centuries.

Furthering his exploration, Crowe discovered his great-great-great grandfather, Luigi Ghezzi. An Italian by birth, Ghezzi's life journey took him from Argentina to India. However, destiny had other plans as his ship wrecked, leading him to Cape Town, South Africa. It was here that Ghezzi married Mary Ann Curtain, and in 1864, the couple set sail for a new life in New Zealand.

Adding to the rich tapestry of his background, Crowe acknowledged his varied heritage. It encompasses Māori, Scottish, English, German, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, and Swedish roots. Interestingly, he noted an absence of clarity regarding his Irish ancestry, leaving a piece of his familial puzzle unsolved.

Crowe's Family: A Tale of Coincidences and Connections

Russell Crowe's family history is replete with intriguing coincidences. In a curious turn of events, women in his mother's family married men carrying the Crowe surname across three separate generations. This remarkable occurrence adds another layer to the actor's already complex genealogy.

Reflecting on his findings, Crowe expressed a sense of awe and fascination. He remarked on his earlier unawareness of these connections, particularly those linking him to other Crowe family lines in Australia.

Russell Crowe, in his own words, shared,

Also something else that has recently come to light on my father’s mother’s side, via John (Jock) Fraser (arrived in NZ in 1841) we directly connect back to Simon Fraser, 11th Lord Lovat. Look him up. He’s quite the character. The ‘Old Fox’ they used to call him.

His discoveries extend beyond historical figures to geographic explorations. Crowe expressed excitement over his newfound Italian roots, noting that his travels in Italy had never brought him to the places connected to his lineage. He anticipates future adventures as he plans to explore these unknown territories.

Exploring Ancestry: A Journey into the Past

Russell Crowe's journey into his family's past has unveiled surprising connections and sparked an interest in exploring further. This exploration into his heritage, unfolding like a tapestry of diverse cultures and histories, sheds light on the interconnectedness of our world.

These discoveries provide a unique perspective on the actor's identity, one that transcends his public persona. They remind us of the rich, often unexpected narratives within our family histories.

In Crowe's words, "It’s so cool to finally find out the Italian connection, and that as much of Italy as I’ve seen, it’s to places I’ve never been. Looks like there’s an adventure ahead."


  • Russell Crowe discovered he is related to Simon Fraser, the 11th Lord Lovat, the last man beheaded in the UK.
  • Lord Lovat was executed for high treason in 1747, known for his defiant demeanor.
  • Crowe's heritage includes Māori, Scottish, English, German, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, and Swedish ancestry.
  • His great-great-great grandfather, Luigi Ghezzi, had a remarkable journey from Italy to New Zealand via South Africa.
  • Crowe's mother's family saw a unique pattern of women marrying men named Crowe over three generations.
  • The actor expressed fascination with his diverse lineage and looks forward to exploring his Italian roots.

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