Rudy Giuliani Suspended From WABC Radio Over Election Fraud Claims

 May 12, 2024

Rudy Giuliani, former New York City Mayor, has found himself at odds with his radio station.

According to Washington Examiner, his radio show on WABC was suspended after he repeatedly discussed debunked allegations of fraud in the 2020 Presidential election.

John Catsimatidis, the station's owner and a Republican billionaire, had previously issued two explicit warnings to Giuliani regarding the discussion of the 2020 election. Despite these cautions, Giuliani proceeded to address the topic, which ultimately led to his suspension. Catsimatidis expressed that Giuliani's insistence left the station with no alternative but to act.

The Complexity of Free Speech in Media

Giuliani's defense hinges on the concept of free speech. He argues that his dismissal represented a significant infringement on his right to express his views. "It's a clear violation of free speech... Obviously, I was never informed of such a policy, and even if there was one, it was violated so often that it couldn’t be taken seriously," Giuliani stated.

This viewpoint presents a complex scenario where the boundaries of free speech are contested in a private enterprise context, differing from public discourse norms.

Behind the Scenes of a Public Dispute

Giuliani's removal was brought to his attention not through direct communication from WABC, but via a news report by the New York Times. This mode of discovery underscores the exacerbated tensions and breakdown of internal communication within the station.

The episode that led to Giuliani's suspension was dramatic: during a live broadcast, as he began to discuss his legal challenges and the suspension of his law license, he was cut off mid-sentence, marking a stark and public end to his airtime on that day.

Despite personal feelings, Catsimatidis maintained that policy adherence was crucial. "I don’t necessarily disagree with Giuliani’s assertions about the election but the company had made the policy and must stick by it," he explained. This stance highlights the complexities of balancing personal beliefs with business and public responsibilities in media.

Financial and Personal Repercussions for Giuliani

The radio show was one of Giuliani's primary sources of income, making its suspension a significant blow both personally and financially. This action not only affects his economic stability but also narrows his platforms for public engagement.

As tensions continue, Giuliani's future in broadcasting remains uncertain, and the implications of his suspension ripple through political and media spheres alike.

In his argument against the suspension, Giuliani remarked on the paradox of the policy's enforcement. "We’re not going to talk about fallacies of the November 2020 election... We warned him once. We warned him twice. And I get a text from him last night, and I get a text from him this morning that he refuses not to talk about it... So, he left me no option. I suspended him."


The suspension of Rudy Giuliani's radio broadcast on WABC highlights a significant clash between personal liberties and corporate policy enforcement.

While the implications for Giuliani are closely tied to financial and personal aspects, the broader dialogues on free speech and media responsibility continue to unfold. As both sides hold firm on their positions, the resolution remains to be seen in these complex intersections of politics, media, and personal rights.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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