Rubber Chickens Seized at Libertarian Event

 May 27, 2024

U.S. Secret Service agents confiscated rubber chickens from attendees at the Libertarian National Convention.

Agents intercepted the rubber chickens, distributed by a super PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr., to disrupt former President Donald Trump's speech.

Breitbart News reported that the unusual scene unfolded at the Libertarian National Convention, where U.S. Secret Service agents took action against a peculiar protest. Rubber chickens emblazoned with "Debate Bobby" were distributed by a super PAC backing independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The intention behind these props was to disrupt the speech of former President Donald Trump, who was scheduled to address the convention.

CNN's Kate Sullivan reported the distribution of the chickens via a post on X, bringing attention to the unconventional protest. Secret Service agents were vigilant, also instructing attendees to avoid bringing lighters, water bottles, or any items that could cause a disturbance. Many attendees were seen with the rubber chickens before they were confiscated by security personnel.

Secret Service Takes Preventative Measures

To maintain order, Secret Service agents made their presence felt. "No lighters, no water bottles, no noisy chickens," one agent was heard yelling, ensuring that the protest remained under control. The confiscation of the rubber chickens highlighted the unusual measures taken to prevent disruptions during the convention.

The rubber chickens, handed out by RFK Jr.'s supporting super PAC, were part of a larger strategy to challenge Trump's presence. The chickens were a symbolic gesture urging Trump to debate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a vocal critic of Trump and President Joe Biden. Kennedy has publicly accused both leaders of conspiring to exclude him from upcoming debates hosted by CNN on June 27 and ABC News on September 10.

Holding a rubber chicken, Alexis McAdams explained:

RFK has been passing these out. These are rubber chickens he was giving out to people here at the convention. They say tonight people are going to be squeezing these, I guess when Trump’s on that stage because they want to see him to take him on on the debate stage.

Security Ensures Smooth Proceedings

Security measures were not limited to rubber chickens. Attendees were also warned against bringing other potential disruptions, ensuring a smooth proceeding for Trump's speech. The event, intended to be a platform for political discourse, faced challenges from various quarters.

A Libertarian delegate who booed Trump during his speech was quickly handled by security, highlighting the tense atmosphere at the convention. This incident, coupled with the distribution of kazoos, reflected the underlying dissatisfaction among some attendees with Trump's presence and the broader political climate.

The confiscation of the rubber chickens was a focal point of the evening, symbolizing the lengths to which supporters of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would go to make their voices heard. Despite the preventive measures, the spirit of protest remained palpable throughout the convention.

Protest and Political Climate at Convention

The events at the Libertarian National Convention underscored the deep divisions and passionate sentiments within the political landscape. The unconventional protest using rubber chickens and kazoos was a testament to the creativity and determination of Kennedy's supporters.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s allegations of collusion between Trump and Biden added a layer of intrigue and controversy to the proceedings. His supporters' actions, from distributing rubber chickens to vocal protests, highlighted their frustration with the current political dynamics and the perceived exclusion from significant debates.


The Libertarian National Convention witnessed a unique form of protest as U.S. Secret Service agents confiscated rubber chickens intended to disrupt Donald Trump's speech. Distributed by a super PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the chickens were part of a broader effort to challenge Trump's political dominance. Despite security measures, the protest highlighted the deep political divisions and the innovative tactics employed by Kennedy's supporters. The event served as a prelude to the upcoming debates, setting the stage for an intense political showdown. As the political landscape evolves, the unconventional protest at the convention remains a significant marker of the contentious atmosphere.

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