Roseanne Barr Stuns Audience With Wild Trump VP Suggestion

 November 24, 2023

Renowned comedian Roseanne Barr has sparked a social media frenzy with her response to a question about former President Trump's choice of running mate for the 2024 elections.

When asked who she thought should be Trump's vice presidential pick, Barr replied with a one-word tweet: "Me."

This unexpected response quickly went viral, drawing considerable attention and support from conservative commentators across the board. The idea of Barr as Trump's running mate seemed to resonate with many despite her background in comedy rather than politics.

Barr's Journey from Comedy to Politics

Known for her outspoken nature, Barr has been increasingly active in political discussions. She has shown clear alignment with Trump's America First policies, even at the risk of her own professional standing.

Earlier this year, she appeared at Trump rallies and on conservative talk shows, delivering comedy roasts and engaging in political commentary. Her advocacy for Trump and his policies has caught the attention of both supporters and critics.

Recently, on November 21st, she publicly called out President Biden on Twitter over the ongoing fentanyl crisis, demanding he "close the f*cking border." This, coupled with her expressed interest in becoming Trump's running mate, has further solidified her place in the political discourse.

Support and Skepticism for Barr's VP Ambition

Following Barr's viral tweet, several prominent conservative figures voiced their support for the unconventional idea. Bo Loudon, Tristan Tate, and Rogan O'Handley were among those who publicly endorsed the potential Trump-Barr ticket.

Tristan Tate was particularly enthusiastic, stating:

"This isn’t actually a bad call. Trump Barr 2024? I’m in."

While the notion of Barr as vice president has drawn considerable support, some have suggested that she might be better suited for the White House Press Secretary role. Regardless of the position, Barr's increasing political involvement has become a topic of fascination and debate.

Trump and Barr: A Nostalgic Connection?

Observers have noted a shared nostalgic appeal between Trump and Barr. In their respective ways, both figures embody the spirit of the early 1990s, striking a chord with a segment of the American population.

Despite the controversy surrounding her tweet in 2018, which led to her "cancellation" over alleged racist remarks towards Valerie Jarrett, Barr's popularity among conservatives has remained strong. Her alignment with Trump and his policies and her sharp wit and comedic charm have made her a significant figure in the current political landscape.

With an appearance on Tucker Carlson's show slated for the coming week, Barr's political future continues to draw attention and speculation.


  • Comedian Roseanne Barr responded "Me" when asked who Trump's VP pick should be for the 2024 elections.
  • Her tweet went viral and drew considerable conservative support.
  • Observers noted the nostalgic appeal that both Trump and Barr share.
  • Barr has been increasingly active in politics, aligning with Trump's policies and advocating for him publicly.
  • Despite the 2018 controversy, Barr's popularity among conservatives remains strong.
  • Some suggest Barr could serve as White House Press Secretary instead of VP.

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