Robert Costello Emerges as Decisive Witness in Trump Trial: Jonathan Turley

 May 21, 2024

The courtroom drama in NY v. Trump unfolds as the defense calls key witnesses to bolster former President Donald Trump's case.

According to Fox News, Jonathan Turley regarded Robert Costello as a 'killshot witness' when he testified on Monday in NY v. Trump.

The proceedings, which have captured national attention, revolve around accusations directed at Trump concerning hush money payments. Michael Cohen, Trump's former attorney, has accused his ex-boss of directing payments designed to silence allegations of past indiscretions during the pivotal 2016 election.

However, the defense's strategy took a significant turn when Robert Costello, a former advisor to Cohen, took the stand. Costello contested Cohen's version of events, asserting his account where Cohen indicated having no incriminating information against Trump.

Jonathan Turley, a notable legal analyst from Fox News, discussed the strategic importance of Costello's testimony. He articulated how pivotal this moment was in the courtroom.

Defense Team Confident After Costello's Testimony

Following Costello's testimony, the atmosphere among Trump's legal team was notably upbeat. According to Turley, this confidence stemmed from their conviction that Costello’s account had significantly undermined Cohen’s credibility.

Other legal analysts echo this sentiment, suggesting that discrepancies in Cohen's past may cast a long shadow over his testimonies against Trump. Critically, Cohen himself has been subject to accusations of financial misconduct from within the Trump Organization, casting doubts on his reliability as a witness.

During Costello's testimony, he vehemently expressed his readiness to prove Cohen's dishonesty regarding Trump’s involvement. In one of his statements, he emphasized, "I swear to God Bob, I don’t have anything on Donald Trump," echoing his preparedness to counter Cohen's claims.

Turley Highlights Risks and Rewards

In a recent discussion, Jonathan Turley expressed his cautious approach as a legal practitioner, underscoring his typical avoidance of risks unless thoroughly convinced of gaining an upper edge.

Robert Costello announced that if the case seemed won, there was no need to continue arguing. His own words in the courtroom reflected this strategy: "I'm one of those risk-averse defense attorneys. If I think I'm going to win a case, I'm going to stop. And I think they have won this case," said Turley, revealing the defense team’s perceived strength following Costello's testimony.

Moreover, addressing potential setbacks, Turley acknowledged the risk associated with an email indicating possible attempts to establish a back channel to Cohen. He posited that despite this, the overall impact of Costello’s testimony was likely to favor Trump’s legal stance in the courtroom battle.

Moreover, legal observers have significantly questioned the broader implications of Cohen’s accusations against Trump. CNN's legal analysts have suggested that the credibility and severity of allegations made by Cohen could overshadow the claims against Trump, thereby influencing the trial's outcome.

The Path Forward in Trump's Legal Battle

The trial's narrative shifts with testimonies from key figures like Cohen and Costello, with Costello's inclusion strengthening Trump's defense. As more information emerges, legal strategies and public perceptions will evolve. The trial's outcome, heavily influenced by Cohen and Costello's testimonies, could have significant implications, with the defense gaining confidence from Costello discrediting Cohen's claims.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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