RFK Jr Running Mate Will Be Confirmed During Speech

By Robert Cunningham, updated on March 26, 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stands at the precipice of a significant political shift.

Fox News reported that the upcoming announcement of Kennedy's running mate is set to invigorate his independent presidential campaign.

With the 2024 presidential election on the horizon, the political landscape is abuzz with speculation as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., renowned for his environmental crusades and vaccine skepticism, gears up to declare his vice-presidential pick on Tuesday.

A Struggle for Nationwide Ballot Access

While the Kennedys are no strangers to the political spotlight, this latest maneuver by RFK Jr. introduces a new dynamic to an already charged election season. Transitioning from a Democrat to an independent candidate, Kennedy faces the daunting challenge of securing his place on the presidential ballots across all 50 states. His name is confirmed only in Utah, with New Hampshire and Hawaii close behind, pending official confirmation.

Kennedy's efforts in Nevada hit a stumbling block when state officials questioned the validity of gathered signatures, citing the absence of a named running mate. The Kennedy campaign has cried foul, accusing Democrats of trying to hinder their ballot access in the state. In response, the campaign has pledged to deliver weekly updates on their progress, underscoring the strategic significance of transparency in this uphill battle.

The Financial and Logistical Hurdles of Running Independently

Running outside the two major parties requires an excessive investment of both time and financial resources. Kennedy's campaign, however, has been navigating these choppy waters, engaging in discussions with the Libertarian Party.

A potential alliance with the Libertarians could be the lifeline Kennedy needed, as the party has a track record of securing ballot access nationwide."The Kennedy campaign is keeping all its options open," said campaign spokesperson Stefanie Spear.

The Libertarian Party will hold its annual convention in late May to select its candidates, a decision that could significantly impact Kennedy's campaign trajectory.

Navigating Libertarian Waters With Care

Kennedy's appearance at the Libertarian Party of California's convention was met with enthusiastic turnout, signaling a resonance with Libertarian voters. Yet, his campaign's journey to the Libertarian ticket is not without potential pitfalls.

Despite aligning with Libertarians on vaccine mandates, Kennedy's support for Israel and other policy differences may pose significant obstacles in securing the Libertarian nomination.

In an interview with Fox News, McArdle stressed the importance of Libertarian Party presidential hopefuls attending state conventions to gain the support of delegates. This advice from McArdle to Kennedy and other potential nominees reflects the Libertarian Party's grassroots nature and the critical role state-level support plays in securing the national nomination.


As the political world turns its attention to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s upcoming announcement, its significance cannot be overstated. The revelation of his running mate is a crucial step in Kennedy's quest to challenge the political status quo and present a third option to American voters. With his name already confirmed on the Utah ballot and other states in play, Kennedy's independent campaign is gaining momentum. However, the road to the White House for a candidate outside the major parties is fraught with logistical and financial obstacles.

Kennedy's overtures to the Libertarian Party may yet prove to be the key to overcoming these hurdles, but ideological differences may also limit the viability of this strategy. The coming weeks will tell as Kennedy's weekly campaign updates and the Libertarian Party's selection process unfold. The nation watches with bated breath as the political chessboard continues to evolve with Kennedy's next move.

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