RFK Jr. Officially Names Nicole Shanahan As VP

By Victor Winston, updated on March 26, 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s recent departure from the Democratic Party has been the talk of the political sphere for weeks.

According to Breitbart News, rumors are now swirling about his choice of Nicole Shanahan as his vice presidential running mate. This move raises eyebrows across the political spectrum due to her strong Democratic affiliations.

Exploring the Implications of a Cross-Party Alliance

When Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced his departure from the Democratic Party in October 2023, his political journey signaled a significant shift. His declaration of independence from not just the Democratic Party but all political parties marked a pivotal moment in the lead-up to the next presidential race. His statement echoed a growing sentiment among Americans disillusioned with the binary nature of their political system.

I must declare my independence. Independence from the Democratic Party. … And from all other political parties.

Nicole Shanahan, the rumored pick for vice president in Kennedy's independent campaign, is a figure who has traditionally aligned with Democratic values and causes. Her substantial contributions to Democratic campaigns, including a notable $30,000 donation to Joe Biden's 2020 campaign and her support for initiatives like ActBlue and the DNC, spotlight the paradox of her potential nomination.

Conservative commentator Charlie Kirk expressed his skepticism about Shanahan's selection, describing it as a "far-left pick" by Kennedy. Kirk's criticism underscores the broader apprehension about Kennedy's move, suggesting it may alienate independents and centrists intrigued by his campaign but wary of rising crime rates and progressive policies.

A Deep Dive into Shanahan's Political Contributions

The relationship between Nicole Shanahan and the Democratic Party is not casual. Over the years, her financial support has bolstered several Democratic campaigns and causes, reflecting a commitment to the party's ideals and objectives.

In a statement to San Francisco Magazine, Shanahan highlighted her involvement with Measure J in Los Angeles County, stating, "I’m happy that I could be a major donor for Measure J in Los Angeles County, which was voted in and will be rerouting some of the law enforcement budgets toward mental and social support services." This quote encapsulates her approach to criminal justice reform and her belief in the necessity of redirecting funds to mental health and social support services to address systemic issues within law enforcement.

Shanahan's stance on criminal justice, especially her advocacy for a shift in law enforcement funding towards mental health and social support, has been a cornerstone of her public persona. Her belief that the presence of a mental health professional could have altered the outcome of George Floyd’s arrest speaks to her commitment to reforming the system from within.

Polling and Political Ramifications of Kennedy's Choice

Recent polls suggest that Kennedy's independent run, potentially with Shanahan by his side, could inadvertently favor former President Donald Trump in key swing states, complicating the electoral landscape for Joe Biden.

This development has stirred debate among political analysts, with some questioning the strategic wisdom behind Kennedy's decision to align with a figure so closely tied to the Democratic Party.

Kennedy is expected to officially announce his vice presidential selection on Tuesday, which will undoubtedly clarify his campaign's direction and strategy moving forward. As this announcement approaches, supporters and critics eagerly await how this decision will impact the broader political discourse and the upcoming election.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s rumored choice of Nicole Shanahan as his vice presidential running mate has sparked a conversation about the nature of political alliances and the future of independent candidacies in America. Shanahan's Democratic ties and Kennedy's departure from the party illustrate the complex dynamics at play in the current political environment. As the nation awaits Kennedy's official announcement, the implications of this potential partnership for the upcoming election and beyond remain a topic of significant interest and speculation.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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