RFK Jr. Loses Bid for Libertarian Presidential Nod

 May 27, 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s unexpected attempt to secure the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination ended swiftly and dramatically at their convention.

Daily Mail reported that despite an initial declaration of candidacy, Kennedy was eliminated after receiving only 2.07% of the vote in the first round.

Kennedy's bid began with his nomination by a delegate at the Libertarian convention, facing boos but ultimately accepting the nomination. His campaign was short-lived, with only 19 delegate votes (2.07%) and elimination after the first round.

There was initial confusion about his acceptance of the nomination and the necessary paperwork, later clarified by party chair Angela McArdle.

Kennedy's Campaign Faces Early Defeat

Angela McArdle confirmed that Kennedy had accepted the nomination and that his paperwork was in order. Kennedy participated via FaceTime, with his acceptance broadcast on the convention center's big screen. The Libertarian Party spent the weekend selecting their White House nominee, with Kennedy's quick defeat marking a significant setback.

Donald Trump was also nominated but did not pursue the Libertarian nomination due to restrictions on being the nominee of two different parties. Trump stated on Truth Social that he did not file paperwork for the Libertarian nomination because of his status as the Republican nominee. Kennedy's quick defeat is seen as a blow to his independent presidential campaign, but he remains a potential spoiler in the upcoming election.

Potential Impact on Presidential Election

The Libertarian Party has ballot access in at least 37 states, potentially aiding Kennedy's presidential bid. Opinion polls suggested Kennedy could draw support from both Trump and Biden, with 13% support in a Reuters/Ipsos survey. Kennedy and Trump addressed the convention in person, receiving mixed reactions from the audience.

Kennedy promised to pardon Edward Snowden and drop charges against Julian Assange. He criticized Trump and Biden for their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump faced boos and heckling during his speech, challenging the Libertarians on their electoral success.

Libertarian Party's Convention Highlights

The convention saw a large roster of candidates, with unconventional candidates like Stormy Daniels, Sean Lennon, and Denali The Cat receiving write-in votes. Kennedy's potential nomination posed a significant threat to both Biden and Trump's campaigns, with concerns about him siphoning off crucial votes in swing states. Convention organizers invited President Biden to speak, but he declined.

Kennedy emphasized his alignment with Libertarian principles, criticizing Trump's dismantling of constitutional rights during the pandemic. Trump's remarks on Truth Social highlighted his disdain for Kennedy, labeling him a "Radical Left Democrat" and doubting his appeal to Libertarians. Despite the setback, Kennedy's campaign continues to garner attention and speculation.

Kennedy on the constitutional rights during the pandemic:

Maybe a brain worm ate that part of my memory, but I don’t recall any part of the United States Constitution where there’s an exemption for pandemics. Neither of them upheld the Constitution when it really counted.


In summary, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s brief attempt to secure the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination ended in a swift defeat, garnering only 2.07% of the vote in the first round. Despite the setback, Kennedy accepted the nomination and continued to position himself as a potential spoiler in the upcoming presidential election.

The Libertarian Party's convention highlighted the ongoing divisions and challenges within the party, with significant implications for the broader political landscape. Kennedy's campaign, marked by criticism of Trump and Biden, remains a focal point in the evolving 2024 election narrative. As the election approaches, the impact of Kennedy's candidacy on both major parties remains to be seen.

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