Retired Judge Cordell Advocates Jail For Trump Over Gag Breach, Defers Sentence

 April 24, 2024

In a striking commentary on national television, a retired judicial voice weighed in on a high-profile legal drama.

Retired California Superior Court Judge LaDoris Cordell shared her perspective on MSNBC's "All In" concerning former President Donald Trump's recent legal entanglements.

She addressed Trump's violation of a gag order during his ongoing trial in New York, which has stirred considerable debate about appropriate judicial responses.

According to Breitbart News, Cordell argued that the former president defied the court’s gag order warrants actual jail time. However, she proposed a strategic delay in imposing such a sentence until after the conclusion of the New York trial.

She noted that this approach aims to avoid any further complications or delays in the ongoing legal proceedings, reflecting a careful balance between enforcement and practical courtroom logistics.

Delving Into the Philosophy Behind Judicial Decisions

Cordell's stance is based on a basic legal principle, which states that contempt charges serve two main purposes—to punish and deter. Although fines are often used, Cordell questioned their effectiveness in this scenario due to Trump’s considerable financial means and high public profile.

She stated:

If I were the trial judge I would impose jail time. I would stay it meaning you’re not going to jail right now, because that would delay the trial, which is what Donald Trump and his people want. I would stay at, meaning I will sentence you to whatever time I find appropriate and I will impose that at the end of the trial, maybe while the jurors are deliberating. There is nothing to prevent the judge from doing that.

The retired judge’s comments underscore a broader discussion about how best to handle high-profile individuals who flout court orders. By proposing incarceration post-trial, Cordell not only aims to uphold the sanctity of the legal process but also to prevent any potential martyrdom that could arise if Trump were jailed during the trial.

Understanding the Implications of Judicial Choices

During the discussion, host Chris Hayes mentioned the district attorney's remarks about Trump’s apparent desire to be penalized, suggesting he might even be seeking jail time. Cordell dismissed the relevance of Trump’s intentions, focusing instead on upholding court orders and maintaining judicial integrity.

"Some people say he will go to jail and he will be a martyr. It doesn’t matter," Cordell remarked, emphasizing that the judicial focus should remain on the behavior in question and the precedent it sets, not on the potential political narratives that might emerge.

The conversation on MSNBC touched upon the broader implications of how legal systems handle individuals of significant public and political stature. Cordell's insights provide a window into the thought processes that might guide judges facing similar dilemmas, highlighting the delicate balance between legal principles and practical courtroom dynamics.


Judge LaDoris Cordell’s comments on MSNBC reflect a nuanced understanding of the legal challenges and responsibilities in dealing with high-profile cases like those of former President Trump.

By advocating for jail time, albeit delayed until post-trial, she underscores the seriousness of violating court orders while also considering the broader implications of immediate incarceration on the trial’s proceedings. Her approach illustrates the complex interplay between justice and judicial strategy, aiming to punish and deter without disrupting the ongoing legal process. Cordell’s perspective enriches the public’s understanding of the judicial considerations in high-stakes legal battles.

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