Resolution to Censure Rashida Tlaib Fails

 November 2, 2023

In a significant turn of events, a resolution to censure Representative Rashida Tlaib was defeated in the House with bipartisan opposition.

The House of Representatives, in a recent vote, saw the defeat of a censure motion against Representative Rashida Tlaib. This outcome was the result of a bipartisan effort where over 20 Republicans joined Democrats to dismiss the resolution. For a detailed account, refer to the original story on Fox News.

The resolution, which was brought forth without debate, was tabled with a final tally of 222-186. This move to censure Tlaib was initiated by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene over comments and actions related to the conflict between Israel and Hamas. The decision to table the resolution was met with applause from some members of the Democratic party.

House Displays Unity in Decision Against Censure

Representative Tlaib, known for her progressive stance, has been a figure of controversy due to her outspoken views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The censure, a formal reprimand by the House, was seen by some as a response to her alleged incendiary remarks and actions.

However, the motion to censure faced opposition not only from Democrats but also from a considerable number of Republican representatives. This group of Republicans, which included both conservatives and moderates, demonstrated a willingness to cross party lines on this issue.

Among the Republicans who voted to table the resolution were members of the House Freedom Caucus and other representatives who have previously taken strong stances on similar issues. Their decision indicates a complex dynamic within the Republican Party regarding matters of free speech and conduct in the House.

Reactions to the Vote Reveal Political Complexities

Following the vote, Representative Greene expressed her disappointment with her Republican colleagues who did not support the censure. She labeled them as "feckless," showcasing the divide within the party on how to address such disciplinary actions.

On the other side, Representative Becca Balint, who had proposed a retaliatory censure against Greene, decided to withdraw her resolution. She acknowledged the unexpected support from some Republicans as a sign of courage, albeit not sufficient to carry her own motion forward.

Representative Chip Roy, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, criticized the resolution against Tlaib as "feckless," highlighting issues with its legal and factual claims. His statement reflects a concern for the misuse of legal terms and the importance of accuracy in legislative actions.

Free Speech at the Heart of the Debate

Another aspect of the debate centered around the First Amendment. Representative Tim Walberg, in explaining his vote against the censure, emphasized the importance of protecting free speech, even when he strongly disagrees with the content of that speech.

Walberg's stance suggests a principled approach to the issue, one that transcends partisan politics and focuses on constitutional rights. This perspective was shared by other Republicans who chose to prioritize the First Amendment over party lines.

The debate over Tlaib's censure thus became a larger discussion about the limits of free speech and the role of government in regulating the conduct of its members.


In conclusion, the House's decision to table the censure resolution against Representative Rashida Tlaib reflects a multifaceted political landscape where issues of free speech and legislative conduct are at the forefront. Here are the key aspects of this story:

  • The censure resolution against Rep. Tlaib was tabled with bipartisan support.
  • Over 20 Republican representatives joined Democrats in opposing the censure.
  • The debate highlighted the importance of free speech and the complexities within the Republican Party.
  • Reactions from both sides of the aisle reveal a nuanced political environment.

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