Republican Lawmaker Calls For Colorado Secretary Of State To Be Impeached

 December 30, 2023

In a move that has stirred both legal and political debates, Bellows disqualified Donald Trump from Maine's 2024 primary ballot, citing his involvement in the January 6 Capitol attack. In response to Bellows' action, Republican State Representative John Andrews has initiated a move to impeach her.

This decision is grounded in Bellows' interpretation of the 14th Amendment's Section 3, which she believes Trump violated through his actions surrounding the Capitol incident.

This interpretation aligns with an earlier, though temporarily reversed, decision by Colorado's Supreme Court in December 2022. The controversy over Trump's eligibility is not just a local matter but is expected to eventually reach the U.S. Supreme Court for a final resolution.

Impeachment Efforts and National Repercussions

Andrews argues that Bellows overstepped her bounds and targeted Trump unfairly. Further, Andrews suggests that under Bellows' interpretation, President Joe Biden could also be disqualified for his actions relating to Iran and China, though no formal steps have been taken in this direction.

Amid these political skirmishes, Trump's campaign has vehemently criticized Bellows, labeling her actions as part of a larger scheme to manipulate the election, Daily Mail Reported.

Spokesperson Steven Cheung accused Bellows of attempting to "steal" the election and disenfranchise voters.

The Legal Debate and Public Safety Concerns

The legal intricacies of this case are complex. Bellows' interpretation of the 14th Amendment does not require a formal conviction of insurrection to disqualify a candidate. She firmly believes that Trump's actions on January 6 meet the criteria outlined in the Amendment.

Bellows has faced severe backlash for her decision, including death threats, yet she remains steadfast in her stance. She has expressed gratitude towards law enforcement and those ensuring her safety during this turbulent period. Despite the threats, Bellows' commitment to her interpretation of the law appears unwavering.

Republican State Representative John Andrews contends that Shenna Bellows' actions set a dangerous precedent. He highlights the potential implications of her interpretation of the 14th Amendment.

"Under Shenna Bellows' new standard you could argue that President Biden be barred due to section three - the giving of aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. I would argue that releasing billions to Iran and selling our strategic oil reserves to Chinese interests could qualify as that, if no convictions are required under Shenna Bellows' new rules. And that is why this is such a dangerous game that she has created."

Andrews' remarks underscore the broader concerns about the potential for politicization of the electoral process and the standards used to disqualify candidates.

Broader Political Implications

The decision has not only sparked a legal debate but also resonated with the Republican voter base in Maine. Approximately 300,000 registered Republicans are directly affected by Trump's disqualification from the ballot. This has raised questions about the impact on voter sentiment and the upcoming elections.

Adding another layer to the complex political landscape, Democratic Congressman Jared Golden, despite having voted to impeach Trump previously, critiqued Bellows' decision. Golden emphasizes the importance of adhering to the principle that a person should be considered innocent until proven guilty of a crime.

Jared Golden's stance reflects a nuanced position within the Democratic Party. He acknowledges the severity of the allegations against Trump but cautions against preemptive action without a formal legal conviction.

"However, we are a nation of laws, therefore until he is actually found guilty of the crime of insurrection, he should be allowed on the ballot."

Golden's perspective highlights the ongoing debate about the balance between legal standards and political actions in the context of electoral eligibility.


  • Shenna Bellows, Maine's Secretary of State, disqualified Donald Trump from the 2024 primary ballot based on the 14th Amendment.
  • Republican John Andrews filed for Bellows' impeachment, arguing she overstepped her authority.
  • Trump's campaign has criticized Bellows, while she has received support from law enforcement amid death threats.
  • The decision has affected around 300,000 registered Republicans in Maine.
  • Jared Golden, a Democratic congressman, has expressed concerns about Bellows' decision, emphasizing the principle of presumed innocence until proven guilty.

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