Republican Iowa Governor Had Secret Burner Account To Attack Trump

 January 11, 2024

In an intriguing turn of events, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has been identified as the user of a secretive Twitter account.

Iowa's governor has discreetly used a lesser-known Twitter handle to comment on the 2024 Republican primary, favoring DeSantis over Trump.

Kim Reynolds, the Republican governor of Iowa, adopted an unconventional approach by signing into Twitter under the alias @Kimberl26890376. She has been actively posting content since 2021, with increased activity in recent months. Her posts have notably included reposts of memes that draw a stark contrast between DeSantis and Trump, reflecting her political leanings in the upcoming primary.

While bearing Reynolds' photo, the account does not overtly identify her as the governor. With a modest following of 259 people as of January 2023, this account has flown under the radar of mainstream media and public attention.

DeSantis Versus Trump: Reynolds' Covert Endorsement

One particular meme reposted by Reynolds on this account portrayed DeSantis with his family alongside an image of Trump with women at his New Year's party, accompanied by the text "The contrast is overwhelming..." This meme subtly but effectively underscored Reynolds' preference in the ongoing political saga within the Republican party.

Reynolds' activities on the account extend beyond mere reposts. She has also engaged with content that criticizes Trump and praises DeSantis. One of the posts she interacted with criticized Trump's demand for loyalty, juxtaposing it with a desire for a monarch-like figure. This post was then amplified by Reynolds' account.

Strategic Political Endorsements and Campaign Insights

Interestingly, Reynolds' endorsement of DeSantis came as a risk when she publicly supported him in 2022, at a time when he trailed behind Trump in the polls. Her backing has been vocal and strategic, as evidenced by her aggressive campaign efforts for DeSantis in Iowa.

Reynolds has also used her lesser-known Twitter account to offer critiques and suggestions for DeSantis' campaign strategy. This included liking a post that urged DeSantis to organize more town halls, highlighting her active role in shaping the campaign's direction. This involvement indicates a deep level of engagement and commitment to DeSantis' presidential bid.

Reynolds' activities on her main, verified Twitter account also mirror this support, though she occasionally touches upon the primary through this channel as well.

Contrasting Political Loyalties and Public Perception

The governor's use of a relatively obscure account for such political commentary raises questions about the transparency of political endorsements and the role of social media in modern politics. It shows a nuanced approach to public engagement, where certain views are expressed more candidly on less formal platforms.

The following quote, liked by Reynolds on her lesser-known account, reflects her strategic perspective on DeSantis' campaign: "The campaign needs to get more of these lined up ASAP!" This endorsement of a more grassroots approach to campaigning indicates Reynolds' tactical thinking.

Reynolds' main account, however, presents a more guarded stance. In response to Nikki Haley, she stated, "I trust Iowans to make their own decisions. No ‘corrections’ needed!" This post aligns with a more traditional political narrative, respecting the autonomy of the electorate.

Unveiling the Layers of Political Strategies

Amidst her covert social media activities, Reynolds remained vocal in her praise for DeSantis on the lesser-known account. A post she liked describes DeSantis as someone who "Followed through 100% on promises made!! Leader!" This complements her public endorsement and campaigning efforts, revealing a consistent support pattern.

The unfolding of this story sheds light on the complexities of political strategies in the digital age. It demonstrates how politicians navigate the public and private spheres, balancing overt endorsements with subtle social media maneuvers.


Governor Kim Reynolds' use of a secret Twitter account to express political preferences and strategize for the upcoming Republican primary reveals a multi-layered approach to political endorsements.

It highlights the evolving nature of political communication and the strategic use of social media by public figures. From her early endorsement of DeSantis to her covert social media activities, Reynolds' actions paint a picture of a calculated political strategy in the fast-paced world of modern politics.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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