Report: Barack Obama Secretly Stepped Into Harvard President Debacle

 December 22, 2023

In recent events, former U.S. President Barack Obama has been reported to have engaged in private lobbying efforts in support of Harvard President Claudine Gay.

Amidst the controversy surrounding Harvard President Claudine Gay's congressional testimony and plagiarism allegations, Barack Obama reportedly lobbied to stabilize the situation.

President Claudine Gay, head of Harvard University, faced severe backlash following her appearance before Congress in early December, where she was questioned about antisemitism on campus. Her response that actions calling for the genocide of Jews would require "context" to warrant a reaction sparked considerable criticism and led to calls for her resignation.

Obama's Behind-the-Scenes Advocacy

According to a confidential source, Obama's involvement aimed to maintain harmony within the broader administration, including its leadership. This revelation complicates the events at one of America's most prestigious universities.

Following her testimony, President Gay apologized, and the Harvard Corporation, the university's governing body, released a statement firmly supporting her. Despite this, the situation escalated with new allegations surfacing.

On December 13th, a complaint was lodged against Gay, alleging over 40 instances of plagiarism in her academic work. This has led to heightened scrutiny of her 1997 Ph.D. dissertation and subsequent actions by the Harvard Corporation.

The Unfolding Plagiarism Allegations

The Harvard Corporation disclosed that Gay would seek corrections to her dissertation due to the use of duplicative language without proper attribution. This admission has further fueled the controversy surrounding her tenure as Harvard President.

In response to these developments, House Education Committee Chairwoman Virginia Foxx issued a formal letter demanding detailed information on Harvard's handling of the plagiarism allegations against Gay. This request signifies the seriousness with which these allegations are being considered at the highest levels of government.

"It sounded like people were being asked to close ranks to keep the broader administration stable—including its composition," the source said of Obama's involvement.

Penny Pritzker's Role and Stance

Penny Pritzker, a billionaire and former official in the Obama administration, played a key role in selecting Claudine Gay as Harvard President. Amidst the unfolding crisis, Pritzker has continued to express support for Gay.

However, a Harvard insider hinted at a possible shift in Pritzker's stance, suggesting that she may not fully align with Gay if the situation deteriorates further. This statement hints at the precarious position Gay finds herself in and the potential for significant shifts in support within the Harvard community.

The complexity of this situation is underscored by the interplay of high-profile figures like Obama and Pritzker, who have historical ties to the institution and its current leadership.


As the situation evolves, all eyes are on Harvard and its leadership. The actions taken by the administration and the responses from various stakeholders will be crucial in determining the future course for President Gay and the institution at large.

  • Former President Barack Obama reportedly lobbied in support of Harvard President Claudine Gay amid controversies surrounding her.
  • Gay faced backlash for her congressional testimony on antisemitism and allegations of plagiarism in her academic work.
  • The Harvard Corporation has backed Gay, but the situation remains fluid, with ongoing scrutiny and high-profile involvement.
  • The participation of Obama and Penny Pritzker brings additional complexity to the developing situation at Harvard.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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