Rep. Goldman’s Comments About Cohen’s Testimony Clarified

 May 15, 2024

Recent statements by Democrat Representative Dan Goldman have raised questions about his involvement in Michael Cohen’s testimony regarding the Donald Trump trial.

Goldman stated he prepared Cohen for testimony, but his office later clarified he was speaking about past testimonies, not the current trial.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Dan Goldman, a Democrat from New York, is a client of a consulting firm managed by the daughter of Judge Juan Merchan. Goldman’s recent comments suggested he had prepared Michael Cohen for testimony, sparking debate about his possible involvement in Cohen’s role in the ongoing trial of former President Donald Trump.

However, Goldman’s office quickly clarified the misunderstanding. Madison Andrus, Goldman’s communications director, explained that the congressman was referring to Cohen's deposition in February 2019 during his tenure as Director of Investigations for the House Intelligence Committee. At the time, the committee was investigating Trump’s financial connections to Russia.

Goldman Clarifies His Role In Michael Cohen’s Testimonies

“Congressman Goldman was referring to his February 2019 deposition of Michael Cohen, when the Congressman was Director of Investigations for the House Intelligence Committee overseeing an investigation into Donald Trump’s financial ties to Russia,” Andrus stated. She further emphasized that the congressman has no involvement in the current prosecutorial efforts against Trump.

As recorded in Federal Election Commission files, Goldman paid over $157,000 to Loren Merchan’s political consulting firm. This financial connection has fueled speculation about the fairness of the ongoing trial against Trump.

Sean Davis, CEO of the Federalist, questioned the impartiality of the trial due to Goldman’s financial connections to the family of Judge Merchan. “How on earth can you have someone who pays off the judge’s family deliberately coaching witnesses in the trial and call it a fair trial?” Davis asked, pointing to potential conflicts of interest.

Rep. Dan Goldman’s Past Involvement With Michael Cohen Reviewed

During a recent appearance on MSNBC’s "Morning Joe," Goldman elucidated his history with Cohen. He disclosed that he had prepared Cohen for his testimony on various occasions and noted that Cohen’s demeanor had changed since he last prepared him for testimonies in different cases.

Goldman's net worth is estimated at $253 million, highlighting his prominence in political circles. He served as lead counsel during the Democrats' impeachment effort against Trump and led the House Intelligence Committee's investigation into Trump's call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

Broad Political and Financial Connections Lead to Speculation

On Wednesday, Goldman’s office reiterated that his comments on MSNBC pertained exclusively to Cohen’s earlier testimonies, which took place under different contexts. They highlighted that there is no connection between Goldman’s past interactions with Cohen and the Manhattan District Attorney’s current prosecution of Trump.

Dan Goldman stated:

I have deposed Michael Cohen, and I have met with him a number of times to prepare him. This [Trump trial] was different testimony than what his demeanor was during the AG’s case. This is different than he has been in the past. But the question is not how he is on direct examination. The question is how he is on cross examination.

Breitbart News amended its coverage after obtaining a clarification from Goldman’s office regarding his remarks on “Morning Joe.” They added that the congressman’s involvement with Cohen had been misinterpreted in connection with the ongoing legal proceedings against Trump.


Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman's office clarified that his comments about preparing Michael Cohen for testimony referred to past incidents, not the current trial involving Donald Trump. Despite concerns raised due to Goldman's financial ties to Loren Merchan’s consulting firm, his office has stated that he is not involved in the ongoing prosecution; however, his extensive background and wealth continue to draw public scrutiny as the legal proceedings develop.

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