Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson’s Family Says Medical Malpractice Killed Her

 January 5, 2024

The loss of longtime Democratic congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson has sparked a serious legal battle.

Her family claims medical negligence at a Dallas rehab facility led to her death.

Tragic Discovery by Johnson's Son Raises Concerns

On September 21, a disturbing scene unfolded at a Dallas rehabilitation facility. Eddie Bernice Johnson, aged 89, was found by her son, Kirk Johnson, in a state of neglect. He discovered his mother, post-back surgery, lying in her own feces and urine. This occurred after she reportedly received no response to her calls for help.

Kirk's arrival prompted a search for nursing staff, which was unsuccessful. It was only after the facility's CEO joined him that they found staff cleaning Johnson's room.

Developing Infection and Subsequent Health Decline

Within days of this incident, Johnson's health deteriorated. Her surgeon documented a severe infection at the surgical incision site, with lab tests revealing fecal organisms in the wound. This infection, osteomyelitis of the lumbar spine, was listed as her cause of death on December 31.

Following the infection, Johnson underwent additional surgery and was moved to a nursing facility on October 18. Her condition necessitated home hospice care by mid-December, leading to her eventual passing.

Family's Legal Action and Pursuit of Justice

The family's attorney has announced plans to file a medical negligence lawsuit against the rehabilitation facility. They believe that proper care could have prevented Johnson's tragic demise.

"If she had gotten proper care at that facility, she would be here today," Kirk Johnson expressed, highlighting the gravity of the situation. He described the facility's care as "deplorable," recounting how his mother was left unattended and in pain.

Johnson's surgeon's notes reveal a grim picture.

Johnson began having 'copious purulent drainage from the low lumbar incision' three days after the alleged incident.

This medical documentation supports the family's claim of negligence leading to Johnson's infection and subsequent death.

Looking Forward: The Ongoing Investigation and Legal Proceedings

Eddie Bernice Johnson's death resonates beyond her immediate family. As a congresswoman serving Texas for over 30 years, her influence and legacy in the political realm are significant. Under such circumstances, her passing has raised concerns about the quality of care in rehabilitation facilities.

As the investigation into the circumstances surrounding Johnson's death continues, her family seeks accountability and change. Their lawsuit highlights the importance of adequate care in medical facilities, hoping to prevent similar tragedies.

In conclusion, the death of Eddie Bernice Johnson serves as a somber reminder of the need for vigilance in healthcare settings. The family's pursuit of justice through their lawsuit underscores the critical importance of accountability in medical care. As the legal proceedings unfold, they hope their actions will bring about meaningful change and honor the legacy of a respected congresswoman.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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